Obama's Hip-Hop Election Day Basketball Game Fails To Create Jobs


We don't want to get into any ugly stereotyping, but one of our major-party candidates for president is working very hard today, voting this morning and then flying to other states, while the other one is just chilling on the South Side of Chicago and playing some hoops with his so-called "home boys." Do we really need four more years of a president who's cool and collected? Or do we want someone who votes at the last minute when he could've done it weeks ago and then dashes off to states he can't win just to look like he's not wasting his donors' money?

Mitt Romney voted this morning in Belmont, Massachusetts, where he "lives." There's no indication in the news coverage that he had his security goons kick ordinary humans out of line so he could vote, but our Editrix heard on Twitter that he did so obviously we're going to go with that.

Meanwhile, the lamestream media is mum on exactly which ghetto thugs Obama played basketball with as part of his election-day ritual. We're guessing the game included core members of his crew, like Rahm Emmanuel and Larry Summers. [ABC/WP]


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