Over at wingnut thought-leader drunktank TownHall.com yesterday, CNS News editor Terry Jeffrey explained the real reason Barack Obama wants universal pre-K: it doesn't have anything to do with education; Obama just wants to indoctrinate children at ever-younger ages by making sure that children "spend most of their waking hours with members of a government teachers union rather than with their moms," because "What Obama wants, quite literally, is their souls." Presumably, he needs to consume them to maintain his human form.

Jeffrey advances his thesis using some unique ideas about pronouns:

"I believe we should start teaching our kids at the earliest ages," Obama said last week.

When he used the word "we" here, Obama was not talking about Michelle and himself, he was talking about the government. When he used the words "our kids," he was not talking about his own children -- who attend the most expensive private school in Washington, D.C. -- he was talking about other people's children and grandchildren.

Now, you liberals may reply that "we" obviously means "Americans," but that is impossible, since it is quite obvious that Barack Obama is not actually a member of that group, so the only logical interpretation is the it stands for "government." Which wants children's souls. So fresh and tender!

Ah, but it's not just 4-year-olds the government wants in its clutches, for nefarious indoctrination with songs about sharing instead of competing -- no, the government also wants to interfere with families from the day their children are born:

Obama's budget calls for HHS to spend $15 billion over 10 years to fund an Obamacare provision called the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program. An HHS budget document says this program will send government-funded "nurses, social workers, and other professionals" into people's homes to "improve parenting skills."

Jeffrey goes on to quote HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as she talked darkly of home visits as a strategy that "helps people be good parents from the onset, helps the first and best teacher a child will ever have learn important skills."

Ah, but Jeffrey sees through this bland talk of "helping" parents -- after all, parents always know best, and so any government "help" is just going to foster dependence and socialism, right? In short, "the government of Obama and Sebelius seeks to be the ultimate instructor of America's youngest children." Kathleen Sebelius will probably teach children how to turn their elderly relatives in to the death panels so they can be euthanized.

At least we'll give Jeffrey credit for not sharing the belief of Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft, who back in August predicted that these home visits would be mandatory, warrantless searches that will probably lead to your children being seized.

You see, what Jeffrey understands is that there is much more to the business of education than simply teaching "reading or writing or mathematics." No, there is so much more, and allowing Barack Obama to teach your children will surely destroy them:

It is about forming character. It is about teaching children to love what is right and to fight what is wrong.

Obama and others who share his materialist point of view have a perverse understanding of this. They want to form your children's character. But they do not want to teach your children to love what is right and fight what is wrong.

They want to recruit them for the other side.

Obama, and his allies in government, advocate policies that violate the natural law and destroy human lives. They advocate, for example, the deliberate killing of innocent human lives through abortion ... They advocate destroying the family by redefining it, so far, to include carnal relationships between people of the same sex -- thus denying that children have a God-given right to a mother and father.

You can pretty much bet this means that ObamaPreschools will be showing gay porn whenever the children aren't singing songs praising Satan and the IRS. Also, Jeffrey points out, there are a lot of births to single mothers, which must also be Obama's fault, too. This helps him build to his big scary finish:

Obama's vision of a government that "educates" babies aims at forming the characters of the tragically increasing number of children born illegitimately in the United States -- and as many other children as his programs can reach.

His strategic aim is to make them allies in his cause.

It's a pretty ambitious goal, considering all the guns that he needs to seize and give to the illegal immigrants that he's welcoming across our unguarded borders while he closes all the churches and makes nuns take birth control, but Obama will probably manage it, since he's the most power-mad tyrant who ever invited Russian aggression by wearing wimpy mom jeans and wearing a faggy little bicycle helmet. Also, Michelle takes too many vacations.


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