Objective News Anchor Wishes Obama Would Tell His Elitist Hollywood Scum Friends to End Gun Violence Forever

Objective News Anchor Wishes Obama Would Tell His Elitist Hollywood Scum Friends to End Gun Violence Forever

Campbell Brown is a former CNN anchor and Objective Journalist who is extremely concerned that President Obama isn’t doing enough to combat gun violence. So she took to the always-objective Wall Street Journal editorial page togive the president some objective advice:

The president's campaign against gun violence has produced a stale debate marked by lots of speeches with little achieved. A more creative chief executive would have used this moment to widen the discussion by drawing attention to the increasingly graphic violence so pervasive in television shows, movies and videogames. Mr. Obama is particularly well positioned to challenge Hollywood because of his special relationship with the media world's elites.

Stale debate! Little achieved! Yes, President Obama has failed to pass major legislation through a hopelessly deadlocked Congress in three months, because that’s an easy thing to do.

Instead of trying to pass laws that, you know, would keep guns out of the hands of people who want to shoot up schools full of children, Brown advises Obama to use his extremely close friendship with the elite Hollywood media (SPOILER: Jews) to end explosions and gun fights and car chases in movies and also probably to get Tilda Swinton to stop putting herself in a box because that’s the only way we can stop gun violence.

Oh and did Brown mention that Obama has friends in Hollywood?

The president has plenty of other influential friends in Hollywood. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Mr. Obama's presidential campaign raised millions of dollar in direct donations from the entertainment industry, and millions more for his Super PAC, Priorities USA Action. Almost a third of the $1 million-plus donors to the president's Super PAC were entertainment and media heavyweights including producers Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg. In one Obama fundraiser alone, held at the home of George Clooney, the campaign brought in an estimated $15 million.

It’s almost as though Brown, an objective journalist, is more interested in pointing out President Obama’s ties to Hollywood than she is making any kind of cogent point about stopping the epidemic of gun violence that continues to plague America on a daily basis.

Of course she’s not alone among objective journalists in going after Hollywood as the main source of gun violence. Just yesterday, your Wonkette brought you the story of James O’Keefe’s latest scoop where he asked real Hollywood elitists to sign a petition to take guns out of movies.

These journalists are obviously objective and not conservative because it would be hilariously hypocritical for a small-government conservative to support the government dictating to Hollywood what they can and can’t say in movies! Or as Your Wonkette’s Republican friend and accountant put it on Twitter:

And remember: the best nannies choose carefully what their kids can watch on TV, but let them play with guns whenever they want!


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