Omarosa has been bearing gifts and receipts for a week, as she trolls the Trump Administration with nonstop grief and secret recordings. As we watch, we wonder, is she merely trying to sell books, or is this also an attempt to retrieve her black card, and be allowed to show up at the Black BBQ during Juneteenth? Knowing Omarosa, it's probably both since she lost her black card that fateful day when she decided to join the Trump campaign. Regardless, Omarosa showed up on Al Sharpton this weekend telling all of Trump's business, while also plugging her new book, Unhinged. I like the name because it fits, but are we really willing to forgive this woman for telling us we were going to have to "bow down" to that malignant mandarin orange-colored misogynist who runs around calling himself our president? Probably not. But we DO NOT MIND her upsetting the balding billionaire in the White House. I mean, isn't it his fault we even know her name? Yes. He deserves it.

Omarosa had plenty to say about African American outreach, and how stupid she looked (not in those words) when she tried to convince Al Sharpton to meet with Trump so he could be used as a prop. I guess Sharpton wasn't interested in becoming one of Trump's African-Americans and declined.

From Huffington Post:

SHARPTON: "Now you've said that you came to understand this destructive spirit. Is Donald Trump in your mind a racist?"

This is my all time favorite filler question because the obvious answer is "yes" and after two fucking years people are finally telling the truth about it. The man who wouldn't rent to black people sure got way too many passes from the media, and guess who I blame for that? The media and Oma-fucking-rosa, who spent her time working for Trump as his token black woman who "proved" he wasn't the Grand Wizard of the KKK just by remaining in his racist-ass presence.

What did Omarosa say THIS time?

"Yes, Donald Trump is."

No shit.

"I believe that he wants to start a race war in this country," she added, though did not elaborate on that point."

Wait. I thought Black Lives Matter was starting a race war by protesting the police shooting unarmed black men and getting away with it? Things change fast as lightning in America these days. Pretty soon Colin Kaepernick should be able to get a job playing football AND be able to take a knee in protest of Trump's race war, I hope.

Also discussed was Trump's obvious habit of promising things for African-Americans that he has no intention of delivering on.

"He was disingenuous about his commitment to diversity. He could care less if African-American civil rights leaders, anyone came to the table, because he had his agenda and that agenda did not include advancing and uniting the African-American community or even putting any policies in place that he promised during the campaign," she said. "He's a performer. He wants to use people as props."

Honey, 94% of black women tried to explain that to your ass while you were preening on stage for his MAGA crowd talking about how "hope doesn't fill up the gas tank." It's going to take every secret snitch tape you have to even get us to allow you to come to Black Cotillion, and you'll damn sure be a wallflower. Even so, it's delicious as fuck to get confirmation of all of the things black people have been screaming about Trump.

"Donald Trump is not equipped to serve in the role that he is in," she concluded. "I would say that he's unfit to serve as the president of the United States. He has completely taken the presidency to the gutter."

None of this is new information in any way, shape, or form. Of course he's unfit, you knew that when you signed up to help him get the black vote. Maybe if you had SAID SOMETHING DURING THE CAMPAIGN, we would have been able to do more to prevent him from having a NUCLEAR FOOTBALL, and the power to fuck over the most vulnerable people in our nation.

Thankfully, black people were never fooled by Omarosa, Trump's fake outreach, the unemployment numbers, or the idea that we had nothing to lose. Perhaps Trump should have paid attention to what Omarosa had in her purse during his time on the trail and in the White House instead of checking his microwave for Obama "wire tapps." If he had, he would have realized that when you tokenize and denigrate a black woman while lying on everybody, she WILL cover her own ass and hand yours to you. And write a book about it.

[Chicago Tribune/Huffington Post]

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