Official Documents Roasting On An Open Fire, Trump Nipping At Mark Meadows

January 6
Official Documents Roasting On An Open Fire, Trump Nipping At Mark Meadows

The criminal enterprise Donald Trump ran for a while from the White House disposed of documents in the oddest ways. Trump himself reportedly clogged toilets in the White House residence with "wads of printed paper" and, we guess, his McDonald's-and-Diet-Coke-powered deuces.

Now we've learned, according to former White House aide Cassidy Hutchison's January 6 testimony, that Mark Meadows, Trump's fourth (!) chief of staff, literally set fire to official documents, like that scene in every mob movie or spy thriller you've ever seen.

Hutchison testified (under oath, which Meadows refused to do) that she personally witnessed Meadows burning documents in his office fireplace around a dozen times. Meadows joined the White House at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. If we were charitable, we'd assume he couldn't find any paper shredders in stock, but Meadows is a corrupt toady who doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Here's some CNN video:



Once Again It Comes Back To Trump And A Goddamn Terlet

Hutchinson testified that Meadows's Fahrenheit 451 act began in December 2020, once his office fireplace was active. This was also during the middle of Trump's jacklegged coup when the administration was trying to steal a second term in broad daylight. Meadows might've realized those efforts weren't entirely on the up-and-up.

"The Presidential Records Act only asks that you keep the original copy of a document," she said. “It’s entirely possible that he had put things in his fireplace that he also would have put into a burn bag that there were duplicates of or that there was an electronic copy of.”


Hutchinson said she saw yuletide documents roasting over an open fire "once a week or twice — it’s — I can recall specific times that I did ... Maybe a dozen, maybe just over a dozen, but this is over a period, December through mid-January too, which is when we started lighting the fireplace.”


Mark Meadows Paints Himself Into Corner With Jan. 6 Committee, Calls 911 To Report Kidnapping

Jan. 6 Committee Invites Coup-Curious Rep. Scott Perry In For A Little Chat

At least two such incidents apparently occurred after Meadows met with Republican Rep. Scott Perry, who's somehow still in office. Perry is the treason weasel who proposed installing Trump stooge Jeffrey Clark as head of the Justice Department so Clark could launch investigations into imaginary voter fraud, which would provide a pretext for Republican-controlled legislatures in key swing states to declare Trump the "winner" of their electoral votes.

Hutchinson told the January 6 committee, "I know maybe three or four times — between two and four times, he had Mr. Perry in his office right before [all the burning.]"

She also testified that unhinged QAnon conspiracies were a popular topic after the 2020 election that Trump lost. Meadows mentioned the conspiracy around Hutchinson, as well as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, which is hardly a shock as she was a known QAnon kook when she ran for Congress. Republican leader Kevin McCarthy simply lied and said she'd "denounced" QAnon, but that never happened.

Local crackpot Peter Navarro was also into QAnon and asked Hutchinson if she'd "looked into it yet." He thought "they point out a lot of good ideas" and that she "really needed to read this." He went so far as to ask Hutchinson to "make sure" Meadows saw the latest QAnon gibberish.

Between all the coups and cults at the Trump White House, it's a wonder American democracy didn't go up in flames.

[The Hill]

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