Oh Great, Now Michelle Obama Wants To Force Girls To Learn Stuff

Oh Great, Now Michelle Obama Wants To Force Girls To Learn Stuff

Will the assault on freedom never end? Unsatisfied with oppressing our children -- of whom someone should please think -- with vegetables and gardening and 10 seconds of exercise every other month, Michelle Obama is now launching an assault on girl brains around the globe, which are just fine as is, thank you very much. But oh no, not in the first lady's opinion, which she expressed in that commie rag weekly, the Wall Street Journal:

This week I will travel to Tokyo to join Akie Abe, the wife of Japan’s prime minister, as the United States and Japan announce a new partnership to educate girls across the globe. As part of this effort, the U.S. government has launched an international initiative, called “Let Girls Learn,” to help girls in developing countries go to school and stay in school.

You can tell from the name alone, "Let Girls Learn," that this is a terrible idea. Learning stuff is FOR BOYS, Michelle. Didn't anyone ever teach you that? What good could possibly come from letting girls learn stuff anyway?

The research is unequivocal: Girls who attend secondary school marry and have children later, and they have lower maternal and infant-mortality rates and lower rates of HIV/AIDS. Every additional year of education can increase a girl’s earning power by 10% to 20%; and sending more girls to school can boost an entire country’s economy. National-security experts have even noted that educating women can be a powerful tool to fight extremism, violence and instability.

Obviously this is a terrible idea. If you lower women's mortality rates and increase their earning power, that will just make men die younger and poorer, and that is unfair to penises and NOT the way the world is supposed to work. But at least she's going to keep her grubby girl-teaching reverse sexism hands off our US of America girl brains:

While the focus of this work is international, Let Girls Learn is also about inspiring young people here at home to commit to their education. Through Let Girls Learn, I want girls—and boys—here in the U.S. to learn about the challenges girls world-wide face in getting an education. I want them to understand that even though their own school might be far from perfect—and my husband is working hard to change that—they still have a responsibility to show up every day and learn as much as they can. And I want them to connect with other young people from every background and nationality, particularly young women who set such a powerful example.

Why can't Mrs. Obama just leave well enough alone and stick to harmless programs, like telling kids to "Just Say No" to drugs even though that does not actually work to keep kids from doing drugs, and the DARE program was a complete failure, but it sure sounds a lot less dangerous than "get off your ass, eat your vegetables, and go to school," does it not?

Ugh, Michelle Obama, you really are the worst first lady ever. Keep it up, and Republicans just might find a way to repeal and replace you.

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