Oh Look Here Is Cheating Cheater Mitt Romney Pulling Illegal Notes Out At The Debate (Updated)


My, that takes some brass. We checked. No pre-written notes were allowed.

Anyone miss the good old days of George W. Bush's "bullet proof vest"?

Update! The Romney campaign claims the object in question is an incredibly starched handkerchief, which Romney unaccountably used to cover the paper at his podium. If anything it just makes too much sense!

Update Again! Here, via a Sam Stein tweet, is Mitt Romney wiping his nose with what looks like a paper napkin, which would be stiffer than a handkerchief, it is true! So we are now willing to stipulate that it is possible Mitt Romney is not a cheating cheater, in this one instance.

But he totally still could be.

[Youtube, ampedinnews, via Wonket operative Mapmonger]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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