Donald Trump GIF by Election 2016

Oh dear, there is terrible news.

President Donald Trump's campaign website appeared to fall victim to hackers Tuesday night.

Good heavens, tell us more!

"This site was seized," read a message that was briefly posted on a page at The "world has had enough of the fake news spreaded daily" by the president, it continued.

That's not incorrect.

The message said it had information that "discredits" the president and his family

These hackers must read the newspaper sometimes!

and it demanded cryptocurrency to either release or withhold the information.

Well, that is bad news.

As NBC News notes, this is not the first time hackers have tried to do this cryptocurrency scam thingie. They did it to Joe Biden and Barack Obama and Bill Gates and a buncha other folks back in the summer, and all the blue checkmarks on Twitter had to be temporarily frozen.

NBC News has an image of what the Trump campaign site looked like:

We don't like that at all.

No, really!

We don't like it when Russian military intelligence hackers directed by Vladimir Putin hack into the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign and release stolen documents through WikiLeaks in order to foment chaos and help get Donald Trump elected president. We don't like it when Russian military intelligence hacks into Ukrainian energy companies to try to find dirt on Joe Biden and Hunter Biden to help Donald Trump get elected. We don't like it when Donald Trump says "RUSSIA IF YOU'RE LISTENING" and tells Russia to hack Hillary Clinton to try to find her "missing" emails, and THEN RUSSIA TRIES IT.

Likewise, we don't like it when hackers hack the Donald Trump campaign website and demand weirdo cryptocurrency ransoms.

All of that is just very naughty.

But we're not, like, crying that this happened to Trump or anything, so this post is over now we guess.

[NBC News]

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