Who knows that in Oklahoma, the governor's name is Mary Fallin, raise your hand? And it is pronounced "Mary Failin'" as though it rhymes with "Palin." WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Therefore, on that basis, we will share with you this ridiculous video according to the laws of ridiculousness, in which staunch social conservative Mary Fallin's daughter decided she wanted to do a corny sexytime fashion shoot at the Governor's Mansion.

For the record, we do not care what this young lady does with her time. In fact, we would like to encourage more politicians' offspring to march around in tasteless drag costumes and six-inch heels in front of their Republican parents' expensive homes (or really any children of family values Republicans). We would like Bristol Palin infinitely better if she did something more interesting than getting knocked up in a tent and forcing someone else to ghostwrite her memoir about this awkward, gross mistake, since we are forced to write about her anyway.  So there. Enjoy! [La Figa]


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