Old Fart Bill Kristol: It is 'Pathetic' To Listen To Kids These Days Because They 'Are Sometimes Wrong'


Super genius Bill Kristol -- the"serious, respected conservative intellectual" who invented Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin -- has a new super genius theory: Republicans should stop listening to "pathetic" humans known as the youths, what with their rock 'n roll music and their gay marriage. Why? "Young people are sometimes wrong,” concluded one of America's foremost experts in being horribly wrong. This smells like another winning election strategy from Bill Kristol!

From Mediaite:

Noting that the Republican “establishment” (not including himself, of course) looks like a herd “running to catch up with the trends” because “some polls show [same-sex marriage] is now 58% popular and five years ago it was only 43% popular” (yes, that’s called an upward trend), Kristol lamented how some of the party’s leaders believe it necessary to take on the “fashionable” position of being okay with gay marriage.

“Not only will those earn the contempt of people who believe in defending traditional marriage,” he said, but they won’t even get credit for hopping onto the bandwagon.

“This kind of pathetic attempt to say, ‘Oh, my God! Young people especially are liberal so let’s just rush to cater to them,’ as if they’re going to respect you if you just embrace the views of some 26-year-old who doesn’t know anything honestly.” [...]

“You know what? Young people are sometimes wrong,” Kristol concluded.

Yes. Everyone knows this "equality" thing is just a fad, like electricity and the Internets, and it will all blow over soon, so Republicans may as well just keep listening to Kristol being wrong about stuff and ignore all those stupid kids and those stupid polls and those stupid voters. Besides, as one Mediaite reader pointed out, Kristol has a sterling, decades-long record of being wrong when it comes to The Gay:

Back in the ’90s, Kristol predicted that 1993 would be the “high water mark” of the gay rights movement, and that it was “all downhill from there.”

You see, kids? If you want Very Serious People like Bill Kristol to take you Very Seriously, you'd better make your completely wrong predictions now, keep being wrong for another 20 years, and then maybe -- maybe -- you'll be wrong enough for long enough for the Republican Party to listen to what you have to say.



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