Old Handsome Joe Biden, Binky Thief

So here, as they say, is a thing that happened: Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, posted the above photo to her MyFacePlaceSpace page with the comment, "What's a boy to do when the Vice President steals your pacifier?"

So many questions. Why? How? What happened next? Is that binky nipple-side out, or handle-side out? ENHANCE!

Expect WND to have an article up shortly arguing that Old Handsome Joe Biden is actually sending a coded message to Iran that he is a pacifist, and that Iran can now go ahead and build all the nukes they want.

Also, too, we should note that while WaPo says that Ms. Bloomberg is "a professional equestrian," we have looked all over her Facebook and see no evidence that she even knows Princess Celestia. Don't believe the media lies, sheeple.

[WaPo / Georgina Bloomberg on Facebook]

Doktor Zoom

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