Omar Comin, Shark-eating Dinosaurs And Other News You Can Maybe Use

It is Friday. Fi-NA-lly. How's about we kick back and take it easy with some light easy reading?

  • So this is basically AWESOME:Welcome and thank you and awwwww yeah to the newest ACLU Ambassador:

    Michael Kenneth Williams is the ACLU celebrity ambassador for ending mass incarceration. Williams is best known for his remarkable work on The Wire, which ran for five seasons on HBO. The wit and humor that Williams brought to Omar, the whistle-happy, profanity-averse, dealer-robbing stickup man, earned him high praise and made Omar one of television's most memorable characters. [...] Giving back to the community plays an important role in Williams' off-camera life. He has established Making Kids Win, a charitable organization whose primary objective is to build community centers in urban neighborhoods that are in need of safe spaces for children to learn and play.

  • Today in look at this awesome dinosaur news:

    When it wasn't putting T. rex to shame, the dinosaur Spinosaurus spent its time swimming -- and chowing down on sharks.

    Until now, scientists didn't have any proof that there were swimming dinosaurs. There were some marine reptiles prowling the seas, to be sure, but paleontologists couldn't find fossils that put dinosaurs in the water.

    New fossil evidence published Thursday in Science changes that, and the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus is breaking records left and right.

  • Important philosophical questions of our time:

    [W]hat would a circular Apple Watch look like?

  • Finicky millennials are killing cereal:

    Cereal, that bedrock of the American breakfast, has lost some of its snap, crackle and pop.

    For the last decade, the cereal business has been declining, as consumers reach for granola bars, yogurt and drive-through fare in the morning. And the drop-off has accelerated lately, especially among those finicky millennials who tend to graze on healthy options — even if Cheerios and some other brands come in whole-grain varieties fortified with protein now. [...]

    “They’re much more likely to be snacking rather than eating three meals a day, and therefore may not have a traditional breakfast at all,” said Jeff Fromm, president of FutureCast, a consumer research firm specializing in millennials. “Additionally, there’s a small but very active and influential group of millennials who are focused on health and don’t like processed food. Guess what, cereal companies? They want to kill you.”

    Fine, millennials, you are actually eating more healthier-like food instead of bowls full of dried sugar drowned in milk, which is a smart thing to do, so we'll give you that one. But you're still THE WORST.

  • Say "yup" if you would totallysign this kid's petition:

    A student at Schenectady High School is petitioning the school to allow him to use a photograph and of him and his cat, “Mr. Bigglesworth,” as his senior picture, CBS 6 reports.

  • Sorry, no, Gawker will not say yes anymore:

    Headlines that start with “Sorry,” “No,” “Yes,” or otherwise appear to be written as the first line of a commenter response. This is, maybe, the worst headline I’ve ever read in my life, and I want to make sure that nothing like it ever appears on [...]

    (I’m not quite ready to ban “Watch this…” or “Read the…” or “This is…” or “Here’s the…” headlines. But I’m close!)

    Not only are the uncanny-valley headlines awkward and stilted and clearly ridiculous, they’re exactly what everyone else online is doing.

    That is why we here at Yr Wonkette make our headlines extra special just for you and only write UpBuzz-sounding headlines when we are making with the mockery. Sometimes we say "Sorry." Sometimes we say "Yes." Sometimes we say "No." Sometimes we even say "F*ck." We are Yr mommyblog recipe hub what tells dick jokes and sometimes uses swears. And that's an order from management.

  • Have we mentioned lately how much we love The Toast? We love The Toast:

    Personally, now that I have daughters, I don’t think anyone should do bad things to women, especially the ones who are my daughters. I think we should treat every woman in the world like she was my daughter, except for my wife and my mother, who I will treat slightly differently.Did you know that when you have daughters, it’s like making a woman you have to care about out of parts of your own body? Well, it’s true. Now that I have daughters (two of them, to the best of my knowledge), I’ve got all sorts of new ideas about how to treat women. Now that I’ve got daughters, it’s time for the whole world to make some changes.

And that is that until there is more.


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