One Million Moms (One Mom) Poutraged Over 'Demonic' Disney Show


The One Million Moms, who are actually just one mom who works for the American Family Association and is named Monica Cole, are very upset about a thing. Again. And surprise, that thing is stupid! Just like their other recent freakouts about Burger King's Impossible Whopper, Hallmark showing a commercial with two women getting married, a commercial that used the word condom, Toy Story 4, a Cottonelle flushable wipe commercial featuring a gay couple, and Highlights Magazine.

This time "they" are mad about a Disney show called "The Owl House," which they say is demonic, because of how they think demons are real. Also because it is simultaneously too "secular." Which is not allowed in America, as we all know.

Via One Million Moms:

In The Owl House, Disney introduces kids to a world of demons, witches, and sorcery while inundating their young minds with secular worldviews that reflect the current culture.

Disney describes the storyline as follows: "Luz, a self-assured teenage human girl, stumbles upon a portal to a magical new world where she befriends a rebellious witch, Eda, and an adorably tiny warrior, King." After meeting Eda, Luz decides to skip summer camp, where her mother had sent her for a dose of reality, and pursue her dream of becoming a witch by serving as Eda's apprentice.

The show makes light of hell and the dangers of the demonic realm. Even the previews and commercials include such content that makes it difficult for families who watch Disney Channel to avoid the evil content completely.

"Evil content."

Long story short, they're mad because the show says that witches are good, despite the fact that the Bible says that witches are bad. For some reason, they think Disney is legally required to only make shows that affirm their Christian worldview.

The Bible tells us clearly in Isaiah 8:19-22 that there is a spiritual realm that is not of God. It warns us not to participate in witchcraft or consult with mediums but to call on God. Deuteronomy 18:10-11 also warns us to avoid witchcraft in all forms.

And Stephen Sondheim (who is basically God) said, "Witches can be right, Giants can be good. You decide what's right. You decide what's good." I rest my case.

Personally, I shudder to think what the One Million Moms would have thought about the shows that were on when I was growing up. Gummi Bears? Bouncing here and there and everywhere? Getting their magic bouncing abilities from "gummi berry juice"? A sparkly lady with magic hologram earrings that turn her into a rock star? Children who were various desserts? Children who were colors of the rainbow? Bears who were feelings and lived on clouds? People who were zoo animals and lived in a town where their mayor was Ben Vereen? A ghost that helps middle school children solve mysteries? That one show where there were, like, magic koalas and they traveled to a magic koala land with a magic compact mirror? Fine, no one remembers that one, but it happened, okay? It happened.

Kids shows are weird. They're supposed to be weird. When things get too twee, kids end up liking the villains anyway. Though to be fair, they also usually have better outfits (and, in the case of The Misfits, their songs were better). If a kid's show isn't weird, it's boring.

If you don't want your kid to watch a "demonic" show on the Disney Channel, fine! Don't order the damn Disney Channel! Or just be a parent and monitor what your kids watch. Or scare the crap out of them by telling them that if they watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles they will become inured to violence. There are many options that do not require you to publicly whine about "demonic" Disney shows.

[One Million Moms]

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