'One Million Moms,' Fresh Off Victory Over Ellen Degeneres, Has New Lesbos In Sights

'One Million Moms,' Fresh Off Victory Over Ellen Degeneres, Has New Lesbos In Sights

Two chicks aretotally macking hard in Urban Outfitters' new catalog, and the funtime gals over at "One Million Moms" are having a total ladyboner! You may remember One Million Moms for their yeoman's service in getting laughed at by Ellen Degeneres for all the world to see, but they are not just taking their well-earned victory and shutting up shop. No, where there are lesbians, there will be One Million Moms, shouting the benefits of vaginal dryness!

Here is your Glenn Beck Explainer of One Million Moms:

One Million Moms has a long history of pushing these sorts of boycotts, some of which have been successful, especially as pertaining to the controversial television show “GCB.” Their mission is frankly religious – in fact, their Facebook page all but explicitly advertises them as a Christian group. For instance, one status reads “The separation of church and state is called the rapture.”

In event of rapture, this car will be un-mommed!

And here is your Glenn Beck explainer of previous Urban Outfitters "controversies":

If you’re a parent out on a clothing binge, you might want to beware – even clothing stores may have an agenda. Specifically, a brand known as “Obey Clothing,” which stocks Urban Outfitters, among other department stores, has been marketing increasingly aggressive looking products to teens, which include items like the following set of stickers:

To the ramparts, Moms! Mom the cannons! And the machine guns maybe! (It is hard to lift them with Hillary Clinton sitting her fat ass all over them though.) Also we heard that Obey dude is a total fairy. [TheBlaze]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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