David Perdue would really like to be Georgia's next U.S. Senator, but it seems he has a few problems with the ladies, as in he is polling really badly with them, compared to opponent Michelle Nunn. For a state with no Democrats in statewide offices, Georgia is very, very close to sending Nunn to the Senate, and Perdue didn't exactly close the gender gap with his performance in Sunday's debate with Nunn. You see, while Perdue was CEO of discount chain store Dollar General, the company was sued for discrimination by a couple thousand women who worked in management positions at the company. But come on, said Perdue at the debate, that's all in the past, and besides, is "2000" really that many women suing for discrimination? Heck, just think of all the employees who weren't managers or women, or women managers that didn't sue!

Just in case you're clip-phobic (not that we'd ever give you reason to be), Perdue explained that discrimination at Dollar General was just plain No Big:

"If you look at Dollar General as an example, there was no wrongdoing there," he said. "That lawsuit, or that claim, or that complaint was settled five years after I had left…And it was less than 2,000 people. We had upwards of 70,000 employees in that company."

Nunn was quick to point out that while the settlement of the suit came after Perdue's time at Dollar General, the discrimination that led to the lawsuit was definitely during his tenure. And because she is a woman, and women don't understand math, she added, "Two thousand women, that actually seems like quite a lot to me." Left unheard were the anguished cries of Georgia's Usage Nitpickers, thousands of whom vowed to support only candidates who would promise to say "fewer" whenever downplaying their past misbehavior.

[Mother Jones]

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