Open Carry Terrorist Not Threatening To Kill Anyone, Just Wants Them Dead
Based on the video above and your knowledge of the national security apparatus in the year 2003, how quick do you think Kory Watkins would be Gitmo'd if he were Muslim, and it was 2003? Pretty quick, right? Here's the key part (EMPHASIS HIS):

"Going against the Constitution is treason. And my friend, that is punishable by death. That's how serious this is [...] We should be demanding these people give us our rights back, or it's punishable BY DEATH. TREASON."

Normally, this is where the FBI (after verifying that the subject is Muslim or an environmentalist) comes in and does a neat trick where they send an agent who says wouldn't it be a neat idea to commit a crime for real, and would the subject like some high explosives, perhaps?

Watkins had the courage of his convictions for a solid couple of hours before removing this video and filing copyright claims against anyone who reposted it (but HA! we had a little bird email us the file and uploaded it our own selves with no identifying info!) He later explained via Facebook that he removed the video because he "thought there were those who would intentionally misrepresent" his words.

"We at Open Carry Tarrant County denounce in the strongest possible terms harming or threatening to harm persons or property as a strategy to bring about open carry in Texas," he, or his lawyer, continued. So you'll just have to judge for yourself whether telling someone that their treason is punishable by death is a "threat" or more of an FYI.

It would be nice if we could write off Kory Watkins as just another nobody doing vlogs his ass can't cash. But this is the same guy who went to the Texas State Capitol with basically a militia and made some thinly veiled threats to legislators who wouldn't vote for a "constitutional carry" bill allowing Texans to carry all their guns everywhere, all the time, for whatever dumb, paranoid reason, without any kind of license.

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Constitutional carry was viewed by many as a "slam dunk" at the start of this legislative session, but it still hasn't been passed. It's hard to say why, but could it be that Kory Watkins's threats were just too veiled? Telling a state representative that his "days are numbered, bro" might just mean you'll work to defeat him in the next election. It's a little harder to misinterpret "TREASON PUNISHABLE BY DEATH."

Hold on though, let's consider all sides here. Like, would it even be treason to attack the government with guns if the government did a treason first? As the Constitution says:

"No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless some Guy is very sure a Treason has been done, and says So on the Internet."

So maybe it's kind of a gray area after all?


What kind of reminder was Kory Watkins giving America, before he starting talking openly about killing people? "A Rosa Parks reminder, a peaceful reminder." But we blew it, damn us!

Did he say any other stupid shit? Yes: "They are testing to see how much freedom that we can stand before they back off and stop feeding us." Okay!

Finally, our source wanted to make sure we mentioned that Kory Watkins's new favorite restaurant is Raising Cane's, a chicken joint that loves when Kory Watkins brings all his guns, and his friends, and his friends' guns, and they all eat, except the guns don't eat. Kory Watkins, remember, is the guy who is using threats of violence to achieve political objectives, which makes him, per the dictionary, a terrorist. Here's a picture of an actual, real terrorist (Kory Watkins) in a Raising Cane's:

This would all be a lot funnier if it wasn't about a real person threatening to murder people!

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