Oppressed Gun Fondlers Not Allowed To Be Foster Parents, This Shall Not Stand!

You know who has the toughest time of all in modern America? Patriotic gunhumpers, that's who. Bad enough that the police threaten them by standing around nearby when they march around in front of public schools playing Open Carry Hero and screaming at the cops. Now we learn that, in the socialist commie state of Nevada, at least, you can be excluded from the pool of potential foster parents simply because you Love America enough to have a concealed weapon permit.

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Dean Garrison brings us the horror story over at Bradlee Dean's Home For Rejected Breitbart Wannabes, where he asks,

What is happening to America? Gun ownership may still be legal but it is treated as a criminal act by many.

In the latest example of this pervasive anti-gun hypocrisy, a Nevada couple has been denied the chance to become foster parents, simply because they are law-abiding, concealed carry permit holders.

The victims of oppressive Big Government took their case to Fox & Friends on Sunday, hoping to get some justice. Current state law doesn't allow people to carry loaded weapons when they're with foster children. The law does allow foster parents to own weapons, but requires that firearms be stored unloaded, separate from ammunition, with both in separate, locked containers. You know, like in NAZI GERMANY. Now, obviously, if you're not allowed to carry a concealed loaded weapon, you're simply not really free.

The oppressed victims, Brian and Laurie Wilson of Carson City, Las Vegas told the Superconservative Friends all about it:

“I really want a family,” said Valerie Wilson. “It really is heartbreaking because these kids are in institutionalized homes; they aren’t getting the families that they deserve,” she told “Fox & Friends.”

“It’s heartbreaking that they’re not getting the home they deserve,” she said.

“We’re not talking about leaving a firearm around the house,” he said.

The Wilsons said they got the gun permits years ago after they were victims of an attempted home invasion. “We realized that bad things can happen to good people at any time and we need to be responsible,” Brian Wilson said.

Happily, this oppression probably will not stand, man: A bill to allow foster parents to carry concealed weapons in the presence of foster children has been introduced in the State Assembly, and Brian Wilson even got out of bed and went to Carson City to testify in favor of it. The proposed law would still require that firearms be locked up, loaded or unloaded, when not being carried, and even includes a provision that while carrying, the weapon must be "inaccessible to any foster child," possibly in a very safe purse designed specifically for concealed carry.

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Oh, sure, nanny-state liberals may point to studies showing highly increased risk of homicide and suicide when there's a gun in the home, but aren't those studies supposed to be illegal anyway? Besides, if foster and adoptive parents were allowed to have a gun handy, then maybe they wouldn't have to worry about being terrorized by their wigged-out demon children and could just shoot them instead of rehoming them with a pedophile. Just another case where the Second Amendment could have made a real difference.

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In his piece (HA! HA!) for Bradlee Dean's Wingnut Funhouse, Garrison bemoans the ongoing victimization of Responsible Gun Owners, noting that guns are the only thing keeping Tyranny at bay:

But they will take away other rights if they can to make you voluntarily surrender your guns.

Kudos to the Wilsons who are fighting for all of us. They could have easily given up their guns to become foster parents, but they have chosen a different path.

They are deserving of our thoughts and prayers.

Hopefully they will get their family soon, without having to surrender their God-given rights to do so.

It will indeed be a great day when people no longer have to choose between their Constitutional right to carry a concealed weapon and their Constitutional Right to be paid to take in children from troubled homes. Kids need love. And guns. In equal measure.

[Sons Of Liberty Media / Fox News / UCSF]

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