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We're trying to bring you some silver lining stories this week. We told you about the awesome speech Utah Republican Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox made at a vigil in Salt Lake City for the Orlando victims. We told you about all amazing people all over the world pouring out their love, their support, their hard work and their dollars for Orlando. And now here is another one!

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]It is Imam Azhar Subedar speaking at a vigil at the American Muslim Community Center in Longwood, Florida, at a Ramadan service that also honored the Pulse victims and spoke to the tragedy that took place. And oh buddy, this imam spoke to it.

Any asshole out there (DONALD TRUMP) who thinks the right response to this tragedy is to talk about deporting Muslims, or bombing wherever they came from (Would that be New York or Fort Pierce, Florida, Chris Christie? Jesus Christ) would do well to sit a spell and listen to these wise words. You ready?

I spent the last two days with the victims ... and it's a somber reminder of how much more work we need to continue to do. We can't give in, and we can't give up. We can't let a few instill fear in our hearts and take us back to cocoons and stitch them back up. We're going to come out even more strong, not because that's what Orlando does, not because we're Floridians, not because we're Americans, but because we're human beings.

And the day we start fractioning humans into categories and sects -- are you Latino, Hispanic, Asian? Caucasian, African? Are you Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist? If you are Muslim, are you Sunni, Shi'a, Ahmadiyya, Ismāʿīlī? If you're Christian, Baptist or Lutheran or Presbyterian or Catholic? If you're Jew, are you a liberal Jew or a conservative Jew? STOP IT.

Are you straight, are you gay, are you transsexual, are you bisexual, are you lesbian? Let every human being be a human being! And let's all stand for humanity as human beings! We are one, undivided, and no one will divide us! If ISIS wants to hear us, we'll tell them straight, "Sorry. It's not gonna work in America."


'Cause I said this before and I'll say it again to you all, the only thing the world envies America ... they don't envy us for our technology, iPhone is made in China. They don't envy us for our roads. There are roads in Europe and South America that are better than our roads. They don't envy us for our water system . I'm not even gonna GO there.

Did we mention he's funny?

They don't envy us for our architecture. Just take a plane from here ... 14 hours, you're in Dubai. Lo and behold, architecture of the 21st century. You know what they envy us for? That we're so different. We're so diverse. We have so much baggage of our own individual self, but we live together. We go to school together. We live in neighborhoods with each other. We go to the same grocery stores, we eat at the same restaurants, and yes, times like this we can come together.

This is what they envy! This is what they can't fathom. How can humanity that's so different be so united? That's why we are the United States of America. We are the united humans of America and we want to be the united humans of the world.

So this is what they're out to break. So before we give way to their ideology and fear, let us remind ourselves humanity is one body, you touch one, you touch all of it, you're not gonna break us, and we're gonna continue to grow stronger!

YA BURNT, DONALD TRUMP. With love! (And votes.)

After the imam finishes speaking, the video continues with interviews with other Muslims in attendance, and you will want to watch those also too, because they are awesome, and now we all feel a little better, THE END.

[Orlando Sentinel]

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