Orly Taitz Has Found Her Soul Mate, But Will They Live Happily Ever After?


On Monday, wehad a laugh and a cringe at Mia Marie Pope, who knows in her heart, her gut, and her brain that is full of things that definitely happened that Barack Obama is a drug-doing homosexer with more fake Social Security numbers than an Applebee's kitchen.

But wouldn't you know it, we were late! Everyone's favorite lawyer who is also a dentist who is also an exceedingly strange person Orly Taitz was on the case a week ago! You can almost hear Orly's lady juices churn as she summarizes Ms. Pope's account:

She states that he went by the last name Soetoro. Well, this is possible, as in his school records from Indonesia he was listed as Soetoro. She states that he was known as gay at a time. This maybe true, a large number of politicians are closet gay or bisexials [sic], a number of individuals came out with the same info, however this does not disqualify him from being the U.S. Pres.

No, but it IS pretty hot! And bisexi! Ever the lawyer, Orly focuses laser-like on the Real Issue:

The only thing that caught my attention as something that might be valid from a legal point of view, is the fact that she alleges that she repeatedly contacted the FBI in regards to Obama’s use of invalid Social Security numbers and did not get a response. If you have her contact information, please, forward it to me, I would like to see what information did she forward to the FBI.

Orly knows what it's like to be patronized by the FBI, those bastards. They're complicit in Obama's fraud, obviously, because they... uh, they want... it's because... OBAMA!

Then Orly got sad because the lady's number was disco, and she figured the NSA did that to fuck with her, because they are definitely not too busy reading all your sexts to fuck with one Dr. Orly Taitz, Realtor, Esq.

Also, when Orly Taitz's readers are butting their heads against reality and pointing out that this lady Mia Marie Pope does not seem like she would have any way to know about Barack Obama's fake Social Security numbers, seeing as how she sort of knew him from around the neighborhood, kinda, when she was 13, the world really is coming to an end. That or Taitz's readers are all false flag lieberals put there to talk her out of keeping that bloodhound nose to the trail. Please send Orly Taitz money for plane tickets, so she can finally something something Obama.



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