Other 'Pro-Family' Songs For Grover Norquist Besides The One About Shooting Your Wife

Other 'Pro-Family' Songs For Grover Norquist Besides The One About Shooting Your Wife

Reading Is For Snobs had a nice catch today with the Grover Norquist tweet you see above (above). Asked for his favorite Jimi Hendrix song, the anti-tax "small government" guru chose "Hey Joe" because it is pro-Second-Amendment and pro-family! (Pro-Second-Amendmenting your family, at any rate.)

Let's reacquaint ourselves with Hendrix's pro-family message, shall we?

Fuck yeah, shot her down now! Hahaha, what a dumb dead bitch.

But are there other songs with equally good messages for the man who ideates on waterboarding the government like some kind of violent jihadi? Sure! Let's think of some, together!

Townes Van Zandt's "Dead Flowers." It's pro-striving for success and the American Dream, and also heroin!

George Michael's "Father Figure." How much more pro-family can you be? It's got "father" right in the title, and also is clearly heterosexualish.

Coolio, "Gangsta's Paradise." Coolio feareth the Lord, and loveth pithtolth. We bet he will be the NRA's new poster boy just any old day now, or he would be if he would just shoot his old lady.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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