Loser Gov Matt Bevin Sad Black People Stole His KY Election :(

Loser Gov Matt Bevin Sad Black People Stole His KY Election :(

Thanks to the "power of Donald Trump," Republican incumbent Matt Bevin managed a triumphant second place finish in last month's Kentucky governor's race. Bevin gave a series of exit interviews on talk radio yesterday where he described his loss as a "surprise." That's interesting because Bevin was recently ranked the least popular governor in the US. He even bragged that it was "a sad, sad day for Democrats when they can't beat somebody like that." Well, Andy Beshear called his bluff and Kentucky will soon have a governor the residents don't loathe. But Bevin is still gobsmacked by the Democrat's "dirty tricks," which involved engaging the public and convincing them to vote for you. We call that "canvassing" but Bevin claims it's "harvesting" votes, like what Dr. Frankenstein does in graveyards.

BEVIN: The left, those who think of a different ideological bent, they are getting so good at harvesting votes in the urban communities. They were able to go into urban communities where people are densely populated on college campuses and public housing projects.

"Urban communities" are inconvenient truths for Republicans. People live there, unlike the empty acres of land where the GOP dominates, and worse those "people" are often minorities, sometimes even in Kentucky. The Founders intended for each white man to receive exactly one vote. The slaves they rode to their polling places weren't supposed to have a say in government. That leads to chaos or Republicans losing elections. The Democrats were so diabolical they didn't just stop with Kool-Aid rallies at housing projects. They even went to college campuses, which are filled with eligible voters. It's like they were running a competent campaign.

'Uniquely Unpopular' Gov. Matt Bevin's Loss 'Was Not Surprising' In Kentucky | MTP Daily | MSNBCwww.youtube.com

Kentucky is one of 27 states where it's perfectly legal for a "designated" individual to return absentee ballots on behalf of voters. This helps enfranchise the disabled, elderly, and all the minorities whose local polling places are curiously shut down. Republicans -- even former House Speaker Paul Ryan -- can't make any sense of what they call "ballot harvesting." Who decided it was a good idea to help people vote? Laughably, Bevin brought up the straight-up election fraud by RepublicanMatt Harris in North Carolina last year in which the Republican campaign "harvested" votes from Democrats and then helpfully threw them away. It's also a felony in North Carolina to take possession of someone's absentee ballot unless you're an immediate relative or legal guardian. That has nothing to do with why Beshear cleaned Bevin's clock.

Bevin claimed that "less informed people" unfortunately outnumbered the geniuses who wanted to give another term to an unpopular incumbent, and Republicans are helpless against simple math.

BEVIN: Conservatives are going to have to find some counterpoint. The harvesting of votes in urban cores in particular that is done by the left overwhelmed even that. And that's the difference, that's the tipping point.

He continued his "sore loser tour" during an interview with radio station WKCT of Bowling Green. He accused Beshear of making a pact with the devil to "slaughter unborn children for political contribution." We suppose this is his gross reference to Beshear's support for women's reproductive freedom. Bevin signed a lot of regressive anti-abortion laws with no regard for women's health. He bragged about how he'd tried to shut down the only abortion clinic in the state. (There are 30 gun shops in Louisville alone.) He warned Wednesday that Beshear will turn Kentucky into of a post-apocalyptic abortion nightmare state.

BEVIN: You watch what's going to happen. I mean, you're going to see abortions being performed all around this state, in Planned Parenthood clinics and others, because that's the devil.

The devil does not actually perform abortions because he's not a medical doctor. He is an accomplished chef. Some weak-willed (male) Democrats thought our chances for winning the Kentucky governor's race would improve if we threw women under the bus. But Beshear's victory showed we don't have to treat women as less than human just to defeat a common asshole like Bevin.


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