she IS rather plump for america's new pin up girl.

then of course, this is america.

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I thought she said Oxnard. I don't know if there's actually a school in Oxnard. I just like typing the word Oxnard.


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Off-the-Mark (speaking of Ms. O'Donnell's opponent) said anyone who lies about their educational credentials shouldn't be voted into public office.

So - now he's going to sit this one out?

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Christine O'Donnell’s Education Fairleigh Dickinson University 1989 — 1993

Claremont Graduate University Constitutional Government

University of Oxford “Post Modernism in the New Millennium”

Those last 2 could have been lectures she slept through. Padding one's resume thus is pretty masturbatory.

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Looks more like the graduating class of Hamburger U <a href="http://goingconcern.com/_ol..." target="_blank">" rel="nofollow noopener" title="http://goingconcern.com/_old/2009/09/04/hamburger...">http://goingconcern.com/_ol... Which, if it were true, would raise my respect for her just a little.

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