Even better. "The University agrees that it will pay the Department a fine in the amount of $14,000,000.00 (Fourteen Million Dollars and No Cents) ("the Fine")…payable on or before the expiration of three business days following the Effective Date of this Agreement," which I think is 5 March 2024, so 8 March 2024, so Monday, 11 March 2024 at the latest.

AND that it will spend $2,000,000.00 (Two Million Dollars and No Cents) ( the Clery Act

expenditures") during the two-year period of post-review monitoring on campus

safety improvements and compliance enhancements in addition to funds already

budgeted for Clery Act operations.

So it's costing them $16 million, which still isn't enough.

And they have a Clery Compliance Committee that *will* include representation from:

Office of Security and Public Safety

Office of Student Affairs (which includes the Office of Community Life, the Office of Residence Life, the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity and the Office of Student Health and Wellness)

Office of Equity and Compliance

Office of the Chief Information Office

So congratulation to Liberty University on funding their DEI Office through at least 2026 ☠️

I think I put the pictures here


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Me to me: wasn't the Pool Boy a former student-then-employee, or was that a different guy?

Me: what about Baylor?

Me: what about Idaho?

Me: Fuuuuuuck…this is like when I explained the premise of Kimmy Schmidt to my mom, and realized just how many real women & children it could be based on in real time.

Me reading details: Jesus, that's awful. especially given the background of the victims.

Me to me: I'd love to see an organization like Pro Publica collect data on how many schools are actually in compliance with the Clery Act.

Like, Penn State wasn't revealed to be out of compliance until the Sandusky story broke, and only because the reporter went to College Station and asked to see the non-existent records, and Baylor settled its scandal under Title IX. Only final reports & settlements by school & year of report, generally years after the initial complaint—this one went back to Feb 2022—are online, and only back to cases closed in 2005, some of which began as early as 1997.


No reason students can't request info on campus, plus it would help get the word out what their rights are for reporting & requesting records *before* they ever (and hopefully never) need it.

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"women themselves were the ones who got in trouble after reporting sexual assault, should something they had done in the course of being assaulted violate the school’s honor code, called the 'Liberty Way.'"

Should we start placing bets on when a bill establishing penalties for women for their own rape will be proposed and which state will be first?

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Most likely: Alabama or Mississippi, where the Republicans are true believers

Followed by: Florida or Texas, though DeSantis is probably less interested in culture wars after destroying his national reputation, so maybe swap in North Carolina

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But "indoctrination"-"save the children"- no "woke allowed" -- books are bad; unless they are the Bible and the books of Leviticus, then they are really, really bad.

As soon as you "organize" religion, it becomes a terror operation - if your deity tells you to kill other humans based on their deity - or; sacrificing you own children, whipping people, having slaves...covering up rape and molestation, all things that make you think your God is a loving and all knowing God..

And, instead of preaching, abusing and taking on money by being a false prophet - Falwell and the pool boy should have just started an OnlyFans page and have everyone "donate" to watch his wife get railed..most people would have a lot more respect for that.

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Ain't it always the way it goes?

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As others have pointed out, sexual assaults on college campuses are not just committed by Christian “universities”. However it’s especially traumatic at these religious institutions because it’s always the victims’ (doesn’t just happen to the women) fault. If they could only understand the difference between sex and rape. However, having women’s studies programs would be a step to better understanding but that’s just too “woke” for them. Women are so devalued by religions.

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How on earth does this POS institution get away with calling itself a university? Why?

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Y'all with girl children, please consider suggesting women's college. I didn't go to women's college because it was women only, but in retrospect, I am thankful I did not hve to live through the servitude to masculinity that college is for most girls.

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It totally scans that they would not report rapes - after all, to their minds, a "good" woman never puts herself in a position to be raped. So if it happens, it's because she asked for it, the slut.

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$14MM is far too small a penalty for LU - they're funded by rich right-wing donors, and can afford the 10x or 100x that is more in line given the institutional bad behavior.

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Someone with whom I graduated from HS went born-again sometime maybe around sophomore or junior year. Anyhow, I am not in contact with her in any way, but I DO know that all four of her kids attended/are attending Liberty University.

As an aside, I wonder if she ever asked Jesus to forgive her for mercilessly bullying me on the bus and on the walk up our street for several years, telling me that I was an ugly, worthless POS and loser and that the best thing I could do was kill myself. EVERY DAY FOR YEARS AND YEARS.

Hey, Heather - maybe your lord and savior forgave you, but I never have. FUCK YOU.

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I read about a therapist who has found so much baggage on the f-word that she won't even say "forgiveness". She talks to her clients about "unburdening".

I love the Buddhist "Forgiveness means letting go of the hope for a better past."

As to what you do with people like that bully, a wise man I knew had an asshole ask him for something, maybe money, I forget.

Asshole: "Why not?! You said you'd forgiven me!"

Wise man: "That doesn't mean I'm stupid."

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I am happy that she has had a good life. I do not begrudge her anything and wouldn't wish ill on her.

But the scars she inflicted on me will last forever and I wonder if she has ever, even once, reflected on the damage she did before she decided to be a Bible-thumper.

I also wonder if they are the sort who think that Jesus loves them but hates the gays/Muslims/whatever, because that's kind of the Liberty University messaging, and I cannot imagine sending a kid there if they weren't of that same way of thinking.

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As my friend Jeff’s song went, “Jesus loves you but think you’re a bitch”.

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A local kid who was clearly not prepared for uni went to Liberty. She was barely college material in any case and is now out of school and trying to find work in northern CA, and having about as much problem having her degree taken seriously by potential employers as that used toilet paper from LU deserves.

The parents are batshit xian shitestains who are chronically mad at everything - yeah, FOX/OAN/NewsMax made them so - and the kid is...just sad. She's 22 or so and lacks nous in all particulars, due to her parents' behavior. She is a limp noodle, parroting her parent's batshittery and not getting why she's not making progress in the world. Her idiot parents, who never let her date and had her on the strict regime at Liberty, want her to be employed (bc they need the money) and married and pumping out kids, but the kid's lack of basic socialization is preventing that - she has literally never dated and has never lived outside an evilgelical worldview.

It's hard to watch. I'm used to male incels who can't function, but a young woman who's this sheltered (and I don't think she's on the spectrum, just beaten down) with really low social function is rare, and I feel for her at the same time I want to smack her parents into low earth orbit.

TL/DR LU fscked up another one.

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It's in the DSM. Religion, sect, creed is irrelevant. They've catalogued a lot pf psychological damage caused by growing up in an insular, isolated, patriarchy-dominated, fundamentalist world.

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This reminds me of something I learned about yesterday: https://www.history.com/news/chamberlain-kahn-act-std-venereal-disease-imprisonment-women. 'American Hysteria' is a great podcast.

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JFC on tricycle! They were doing this shit in the late teens. Anthony Comstock died in 1915 -- good riddance. Yet, "the evil that men do lives after them". Between Comstock and Harry Anslinger, I don't know which caused more human misery. Damnatio memoriae seems about right.

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"At least the parents of these students will be able to sleep easy at night knowing that, while their children might not have been aware of potential threats to their safety like bomb threats, kidnappings, or sexual assault, the likelihood of them witnessing a drag queen read Goodnight Moon was practically nil."


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tbf, there's absolutely nothing in the Liberty Way that specifically prohibits watching the pool boy plow your wife.

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Falwell literally claimed the Liberty Way oath applied to students, not senior administrators.

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Nor the Bible. I mean, did King David 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 to send Bathsheba's husband out of town?

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Well, Bathsheba's husband did have a sword. That's something you have to take into consideration.

Does LU have a no-weapons policy like, say, sane universities?

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Organized religion is a super charged hypocrisy generating engine. Too bad we haven't figured out how to harness that and use it for renewable energy. We would have the largest domestic supply in every hemisphere. Apocalypse averted!

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You want renewable energy? Attach a turbine to the body of Jerry Falwell. The way he's turning over in his grave at his son's shenanigans, he could probably power a large city.

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Trust fund babies. Whaddya gonna do?

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Oh, he's probably not turning over at all in terms of outrage; if he's spinning, it's bc his kid was too stupid to carry on the grift.

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Oh, I respectfully disagree. Yes, he was a hateful shit who got started in broadcasting as a rabid segregationist. But he was a straight arrow in his personal life AFAIK; the fact that his own father had been an alcoholic might have had something to do with that. I think he would have been genuinely appalled at shit like his son watching while the pool boy fucked his daughter-in-law.

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Perhaps that’s the case.

I never saw the shit Falwell as anything but a southern baptist preacher grifter trying to impose his narrow-minded christian worldview on everyone else, and so I won’t speak well of him in any situation; his legacy doesn’t deserve it.

He and his deserve to be reviled until they fade from memory.

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That bit about the football player doesn't surprise me. I mean, college football, yeah, but IMO there's a bit more to it than that...

One priority Jerry Falwell Jr. had, before his general depravity became known, was to put Liberty on the map as a sports power, especially in football. Liberty has actually had impressive success in football. They went 13-1 last season, winning Conference USA, and they have skills players as good as any major football school's.

I used to wonder why players, especially Black ones, who could play for just about any D1 team would want to put up with Liberty, with its ridiculous rules and legacy of racism. I figured they probably got at least a partial break from some of those rules (although I vaguely remember hearing during a game that a star receiver, or some such, was suspended for an internal disciplinary matter).

Now it looks like boy howdy, they got a break and a half. I mean, I guess Liberty wasn't stopping anyone at all from sexual assault, but I can see them REALLY looking the other way when a football player is involved, especially if he's a star.

Sometimes I wish I could bring the old man back to life just to see the look on his face when he becomes acquainted with what his son has been up to since he died. The shock would probably kill him all over again.

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The old man was a shit who countenanced unthinkable things to further his agenda.

He had zero shame and would be fine with what's happened except insofar as the finances are concerned.

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Lol. Well you know what old man fallwell got up to in that outhouse with his mother and the bottle of campari. 😂😉 Tha debbil must run in the family.

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The only reason that joke worked is because the old man was such a straight arrow in his personal life. It would be literally impossible to write an absurdist parody of Junior's behavior, because how could anyone tell?

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True that! I'll bet that even Larry Flint himself couldn't come up with anything that beats reality. 😆

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