I'm glad you typed slowly, so you didn't outrun your intelligence. Of course, it had no effect on the stupidity of what you posted, but hey... at least it was mostly actual words this time, and you can pat yourself on the head because you tried.

Clearly, Secretary Clinton has sent many emails, so your first claim, that she doesn't know how to do that, is asinine.

Second, you appear to be alone in your claim that she directed people to strip "securoty" [sic] classifications, since that never happened - when people say that emails were reclassified, what they mean is that some of the emails that were NOT restricted when they were sent to Secretary Clinton, were LATER reclassified with higher classifications.

Third, thanks for showing so obviously that you don't know how secure email communications work.

Fourth, since the previous Secretary of State had exactly the same email setup, it appears that they DO give security clearances to people who use such email accounts and don't jail them, since Colin Powell is still not doing time.

And unless you were this outraged about Rove et. al. routing ALL of their emails through RNC servers for YEARS in the Bush Administration and then "losing" 7 million emails, you've lost the right to even bring this shit up.

So go piss up a rope, you fuckwit.

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Nice try! What the pathetic democrats do is try to hide ridiculous things in their bills which have no chance of passing. So why don't you do some research on the spending bills put forward by your fellow communists unless of course your content with the nonstop lying, thieving corruption and the democrat propaganda

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hahahaahaha, good one dummy!

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you pathetic liberals are twisted!

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I'm sorry but it's been a little while since the 3rd grade...is that an insult? You need to do alot better than that here...troll tears sustain us.

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Yeah i seriously doubt you've read any part of the report...just the RWNJ summary from your favorite non-credible fever swamp.

Sorry pal, but you lose. All of your truths are are false, and your worldview is totally incorrect. Unplug your computer, throw it out, and cancel your internet subscription. Your opinions are as worthless as their weight in horseshit. Your entire perception of reality is so wrong, you probably should not leave the house unsupervised. In any case, stop venting your raw ignorance on the rest of society.

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My own troll! How sweet!

Let me just slip into some spandex. Don't drool trollie. I'll get to you soon enough.

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whats a little while dummy? 3 years? 4 years? You precious little retards love to hide behind your computer because running your cowardly mouths in the real world would get get prissy ass beat. Move on, you've been schooled and when your old enough to vote make sure its republican because sooner or later you'll realize that liberalism is a mental disorder.

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your missing the whole point Loek! The lying, incompetence from every aspect of our government, the cover up, the fake video and protest! And you don't delay the departure of the MARINES for 5 hours over a clothing dispute. The attack had just begun, at the time nobody knew how long it was going to continue and no matter what you send them in. On top of the fact that the same people who told you they would not of got there in time are the same ones who lied about the aforementioned video, protest and cover up. Come on man!

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You seriously want to make this personal?Let me clarify a couple of things for you, dipshit. My statement regarding Clinton not being able to use a computer to send emails wasn't mine- it was made by her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills - http://thehill.com/policy/n...Got it?Second, do you live on a different planet? Or are you so completely in the fog you don't even get a whiff of reality where you live that you don't have an idea of current events regarding Clinton's email shenanigans? http://thehill.com/blogs/ba...http://www.dailymail.co.uk/...http://townhall.com/tipshee...Third, wrong, but has no bearing on the subject.Fourth, in typical idiot fashion, you are either a complete fucking imbecile incapable of comprehension or a boldfaced liar, which is it? NONE of the previous Secretaris of State used a private email server for their state department business, and NONE of them flaunted the State department and US Government rules and regulations regarding classified information, so how about you actually educating yourself on the facts before posting your ignorant version of reality on public forums in an attempt to show how intelligent you are by ultimately showing yourself to be less intelligent than KoKo.http://www.newsweek.com/201...http://mediamatters.org/blo...http://www.politifact.com/t...And FYI Einstein, you don't get a free pass because you think the "he did it so she can too" somehow justifies the Secretary of State risking national security because she's too ignorant or too arrogant to use a computer or be subject to the same rules every other public servant is.Now how about you take your ignorant ass and go fuck yourself? It's almost a joke now to think that there are fools like you who actually have the right to vote. Happy 4th of July, why don't you go buy a box of fireworks and stick a rocket up you @ss before you light it you miserable POS.

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Lol, well thank you for clearly proving my point. You really need to grow some thicker skin there little princess.

Oh and for the record, when you say things like "You precious little retards love to hide behind your computer because running your cowardly mouths in the real world would get get prissy ass beat.", you basically admit two things:

1) You surrender the argument completely and accept failure.2) You're too stupid to come up with a counterpoint.

You're the one who was talking shit in the first place...i suppose you are too much of a coward to discuss your own politics without hiding behind a screen name, so what the fuck does that make you? The answer?

A stone cold stupid coward from the looks of it.

Got anything else I can slap in your face before you piss off and never return?

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Like the hilarious "sources" you picked out for your rant - really? The DAILY MAIL???? LOL - your photoshop job is bad and you should feel bad. That was RejecTed's face on that picture, as everyone here knows.

OK, so let's break your drooling down step by step:

You claimed that Clinton "hasnt the ability to press a send/receive button on an email client when she has hundreds of capable servants to teach her, but instead decides such things are beneath her ."

However, the "source" you used for this remarkable claim says otherwise: it said that she "did not know how to use a computer to read and send emails when she entered office as the nation's top diplomat in 2009. She only knew how to read her messages via BlackBerry, according to an official at the time..."

That's actually very different from your claim.

BTW, that article goes on to say "However, the admission might bolster the argument that emails were not her main means of communication, despite the heavy focus on her use of a private email account and server for official State business" so thanks for making MY point for me!!

As to your second claim - that she had an aide strip security classification headings from emails - when I said "you appear to be alone in your claim," what I meant was that you appear to be alone in STILL claiming that, since it was conclusively disproven in January.


Third - oh it very much does have bearing, and you have demonstrated zero understanding of the issues or the rules surrounding secure email communication...and no wonder, if you're getting your information from the Daily Mail.

Fourth, previous Secretaries of State very definitely did conduct business through personal email accounts - the difference, for those of us who know what the facts are and don't get our information from the Daily Mail, is that Clinton used her secured personal server exclusively, which was widely known when she was Secretary of State. To comply with federal record-keeping rules, she sent emails to .gov addresses, which captured the original and responses for archiving.

There is no indication that she "flaunted" (learn to use English words properly, I beg of you) any rules or regulations regarding classification.

As Media Matters said:

"In Clinton’s defense, we should note that it was only after Clinton left the State Department, that the National Archives issued a recommendation that government employees should avoid conducting official business on personal emails... Additionally, in 2014, President Barack Obama signed changes to the Federal Records Act that explicitly said federal officials can only use personal email addresses if they also copy or send the emails to their official account.Because these rules weren’t in effect when Clinton was in office, "she was in compliance with the laws and regulations at the time," said Gary Bass, founder and former director of OMB Watch, a government accountability organization. "Unless she violated a rule dealing with the handling of classified or sensitive but unclassified information, I don’t see how she violated any law or regulation," said Bass, who is now executive director of the Bauman Foundation. "There may be a stronger argument about violating the spirit of the law, but that is a very vague area."

So... it seems that every ACTUAL fact backs me up... so after all your drooling and ignorant ranting, why don't you go fuck yourself with a rusty garden implement as you fuck the fuck off, dipshit.

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roflmao you respond to the MULTIPLE sources I provided as if the quoted statements of Hillarys employee were somehow propaganda then use a SINGLE liberal website to back up the liberal narrative that defies reality. You're not even a joke, you're simply a pathetic sheeple incapable of reason and representative of the worst of America, striving to drag what remains into your twisted ideas of existence and youvedragged me far enough into your miserable hell. Happy 4th you slobbering fool, I sure wish I could light the fuse. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

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So you didn't read my response with attention and can only respond with a picture and some insults?


Go back to fourth grade, sugarplum. You're not fit for grown-up company.

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blah blah blah, keep voting democrat cupcake

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your response wasn't worth my attention and barely worth a bronze salute...now do you need me to type slowly for you again? Go light some fireworks, homer

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