Making sure to incubate new variants to own the abstainers. You go Lithuania. (This is completely idiotic - we should be trying to get every single person we can vaccinated before another new variant pops up.)

Also, that number of vaccines would basically be used for a minuscule fraction of the Bangladeshi population. 0.2% of Bangladesh’s population of 166 million to be precise. So it’s a petty and meaningless gesture.

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Yes. I always assume this kind of crap comes from the parents. That means there are grown adults advocating for nuclear war, which is even more disturbing to me.

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They also completely surprised the US with this announcement last night so maybe talk to your NATO allies who are giving you the new planes first?

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There's that part too.

Poland wasn't acting as a NATO ally or a member of the EU in setting this up. They were acting as a sovereign nation.

The replacement jets would have come from us as kne sovereign to another without bringing the rest of NATO into it.

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It’s an American restaurant that serves Russian cuisine. It’s like boycotting Afghan restaurants in New York after 9/11 because the Afghan government of the time gave aid and comfort to Osama bin Ladin (and got his organization to kill their biggest rival, Ahmad Shah Massoud.) The cuisine and the people who owned the restaurant are not the people bombing Ukrainian cities.

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Gonna be honest:

Any business advertising itself as "Russian" JUSTIFIABLY becomes suspect.


One word: "oligarchs". (IE: the plutocratic scumfucks who have been sucking Putin's dick for *at least* the last few decades.)

Another (3) words: "sending money home". (IE: immigrants who have become American citizens *transferring funds* to Russia. (A definite possibility).

Go ahead: continue to *pretend* to yourselves that I'm wrong.

Quite frankly, the woman mentioned in the article *could* have saved herself shit-tons of trouble by explicitly admitting the fact that she's Ukranian. She chose not to do so - on the rather flimsy grounds that Americans probably suck at geography and wouldn't even know where Ukraine was.

In other words, she *lied* to her own customer-base for the sake of expediency (by initially pretending that the restaurant was "Russian"), and is *now* reduced to complaining about the fact that (gasp!) people actually think that her business has something to do with Russia!

Bottom line: either she should have gone with the generic "Easter European" term from the beginning, or she should *explicitly* state that she herself is *Ukranian* (and not coincidentally, "Cash in" on the pro-ukraine frenzy.)

Quite frankly, fucking over "Russian" businesses (wherever they might happen to be located geographically) strikes me as a downright sensible policy - given the fact that Putin's "Oligarch" pals have "holdings" outside of the (current) territorial boundaries of "Russia",

So, no: the people doing this aren't "assholes" - they probably think that they're doing their part (no matter how small) to ensure that businesses which explicitly make a point to mention that they are "Russian" cannot continue to serve as potential sources of funds for Putin's war machine, and the plutocratic fucks backing him.

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Gotta be honest, couldn't disagree more, but you're entitled to your opinion. Whatever country you or yours immigrated from, I hope it and you don't become the targets of a bunch of ill-informed haters.

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Soviet cuisine. Now there's a concept.

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This is a family website, after all.

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Interestingly, the Bengal section of India had a communist government. Given how poor it is and was, it may have worked.

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You funny.

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Yeah, but Ukraine looks pretty shitty regarding the treatment of Jews in WW2 from what I've read. I'm sure other (((Wonkers))) know more about that. There's a reason the Nazis put their death camps in the countries they did.

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I am a Jew and do not have to just read about it.

Bogdan Chielminicki, a Cossack hetman who led pogroms so massive that the Jews thought the world was ending, is still a national hero there.

At (the recently-bombed) Babyn Yar, the Ukrainians were enthusiastic participants.

That is just to mention two.

My feelings began, well, mixed.

...but they are mixed no longer.

History is neither forgotten nor forgiven, but now is now.

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You want to bitch, but you don't want to actually do anything. Okay. Now we all know.You proved earlier that you are ignorant. Now you have proved that you are willfully ignorant. The mission in South Korea was to prevent the North from taking over the South. Did the North take over? If not, that's a WIN. The military campaign against Iraq {Desert Storm) was a WIN (the Peace was fucked up by Bushites) . Check the dates - post WW2.You have no idea how long it takes to train on a Leopard or M1. On an I-HAWK. Or an Apache (should the USN hand over a Boomer tomorrow?). Or the capabilities of an S-300 or S-400 SAM system. Do you even know the difference between a HIND and a HOKUM? A SU25 and SU27? AK47 and a AK74? I'd bet NO.The news today in WAPO says that Gen. Miley told the Administration in mid/late OCT. that an invasion was probable. You have no idea what it takes to transfer advanced weapons to a non-treaty country, not to mention (again) the training time. Stingers, Javelins, and NLAWS are simple and deadly. The US doesn't have to "egging them on" to fight Russia. Ukraine was invaded by Russia. You either haven't watched their President Z talk, or you lack the ability to comprehend the real world.Knowledgeable people were saying this would be a fight in the cities from Day-1. The cheap, easy way failed for the Russians. Now it comes to flattening city blocks. You DID watch and learn from the fight in Chechnya, right? (I kid. Of course you didn't.)YOU are idiotic.

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Did you know that South Korea was run by a brutal dictatorship that was propped up by the US leading up to the Korean War???

No wonder 1/2 the country wanted to secede from the side being propped up by US imperialism

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We should stand by Ukraine, no question, but we should also stop looking for people to punish. Let’s stand by each other, no matter where they’re from.

But... but... it feels good to punish! Why do you think we criminalize poverty and put more people in prison that China, North Korea, OR Russia?

There's the beating heart of your problem - to a lot of people, being an asshole feels really good. Bonus pleasure points if you're being an asshole to someone that "deserves it." That's why we laugh and shrug whenever a (preoperative) transgender woman talks about being beaten and gang-raped in a men's prison. Not ALL of us, obviously, but enough that our "official policy" on trans women in men's prison is "throw the sick freak into solitary and let it rot."

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