You are not funny either. Like our counterparts on the far right the Wonkeratti far prefer snark to facts.

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No worries, they're just blowing up anyway.

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What is you people's problem? I come on here to comment, and get nothing but sarcasm and name calling in return.

Fine, I am not enjoying the WONKETTE experience.

I am out of here.

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First, I am a former lifetime bleeding heart liberal REBEL Democrat. So, my nature has always been left of left of left.

That said, even I got to the point that I could see that the


Through Wealth Redistribution are creating a two class system. The WEALTHY, who will always exist, and the Lower Class.

Technically, there will be a 'Middle Class'. However, that is not based in reality.

Because the 'Middle Class' will be the working class that must pay for their 'stuff' and everyone else's 'stuff' and live no better than the Lower Class.

The only thing worse than an overpaid CEO is a


Who has the power to decide HIS / HER own fate, based on how much the



The Middle Class to keep.

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You call what I wrote 'snark facts'?

Well, I got ZERO facts from numerous WONKETTE people. Only name calling and bullying.

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Then let me clarify: I agree with you that the DJIA (which is not "the stock market" any more than Nordstrom's is the "retail industry") is not a reliable indicator of the state of the economy. I certainly wouldn't have led with it. That's just not enough to justify voting for the entirety of your post.

There are significant problems with the way we calculate unemployment, but it is still useful as a standard metric, and is in no way a "lie" (Disraeli be damned). In this case I was being way to too generous to you. I guess I'll have to walk that back.


This was an invitation to reasoned debate on a site where it's clear your views are in the minority? I'm not feeling it.

Linking to NewsBusters: RationalWiki say it:

NewsBusters is a wingnut media watch website that styles itself as "Exposing and Combating Liberal Media Bias." The site is an extension of Brent Bozell's hate group, Media Research Center. While an ostensibly admirable goal to keep check on the media (quis custodiet ipsos custodes?[1]), it does not so much expose "liberal bias" as try to ram a Republican agenda in all over the place. The site also has a blatant anti-science agenda, often bashing stories on evolution and global warming that don't give time to wing nut creationist or denialist perspectives.

So yeah, linking to NewsBusters got you mocked by the Publisher and Editrix of this here mommyblog and recipe hub, and whinging about it didn't win you any sympathy points in the comments, if she allowed them.

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Sorry. I read the article and assumed this was a political website.

And, I definitely use the phrase


Now, that I have left the Democrats.

No doubt, my purpose is to make the point that it is not right for the WEALTHY DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS to claim to be the party of *caring*.

While, in DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED INNER CITIES, the residents are entrapped with programs MEANT to entrap secure voting blocks.

And, I see the same DEMOCRAT TACTIC being used against the Middle Class (financial entrapment) through


Anyway, I am not in the recipe stage of my life. I am trying to learn about politics. I have been a Democrat and was not interested in anything beyond those walls. And, now I am.

Have a good day.

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Sheesh, I took a chance that you weren't just a butthurt troll. Looks like I wasted my time.

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DEMOCRAT anniegetyerfun

I am missing the humor, here. Someone calls me 'Bub' and I say that I am a 'Bubbette' ... my definition of dry humor ... and I am belittled for it.

Perhaps you are correct. WONKETTE'S humor and my humor do not align.

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Frigging Boner. Got a ham under each arm but cries about the Kenyan stealing his bread.

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Oh shut up, if you're so concerned about how much the "middle is class" is allowed to keep maybe you ought to be asking why is my CEO making 400x's what I make? Why are capital gains taxed at a much lower rate and are separate from income? What's this bullshit about eliminating the 'death tax' and why doesn't low taxes on the top equal higher wages across the middle and lower spectrum as promised? What's this bullshit about tax havens and offshoring while tax 'incentives' and corporate welfare go to companies which don't put anything back in? Why is it that wages remain flat and yet everything costs more?

Stop bitching about your stupid income taxes, your declining purchasing power has very little to do with the marginal rate you pay and "DEMOCRAT" politicians aren't responsible for it...start with 1981and then go forward oh and remember the last time your share of the wealth got better was during a DEMOCRATIC administration.

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Wingnut alert...you're a lot more civil than I am hahaha, I mean that as a compliment.

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Can I ask you a question? How much work have you put into learning politics? I mean, a little back story but until about oh 2003-04 I was essentially apolitical. Around that time I became politically activated thanks to the Iraq War and the fallout from it and I went on to construct an ideology. I read numerous sources including Russell Kirk, Noam Chomsky and also biographies (FDR) and numerous polemics from right and left, hell I even read Goldwater. Want to know what I discovered? Wingnuts are full of shit! I was in college studying economics, science, etc in 2008 when I read "Arguing with Idiots" by Glenn Beck. Hilariously, about 95% of what is in there and I assume it's ghost written is NONSENSE. Especially the economic stuff it just doesn't jibe with reality. I was never in the wingnut camp because I don't like religious hypocrites who's golden rule is more cruel than anything else. I also don't like bigots and liars and racists who use more dog whistles than a dog trainer.

Essentially my point is this, if you think RICH DEMOCRAT politicians are the problem, have you seen how rich the GOP is? Oh and the GOP is funded by like, 8 very extremely rich guys who only want the deck stacked in their favor.

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Kaili, not for anything but the DOW is a crap indicator for economic health- using it is like assuming that your heart rate dictates your blood pressure. Sorry, I just get after wingnuts for the same thing because they love to pretend the DOW had some bearing on the great Depression recovery (see Shlaes, Amity aka Moron Magoo). Otherwise, solid piece...

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:"when i graduate college, i can't wait to work at newsbusters" said by NO self-respecting journalism student EVER.

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There's your "like". Feel better now? Unwad thy panties, Bubette!

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