In South Dakota's land, where prairies roll,

A tale of sorrow cast its shadowed toll.

Kristi Noem, a figure in the light,

Yet darkness marred her deeds, a somber sight.

Amidst the plains where winds whisper low,

A bond once bloomed, a friendship's gentle flow.

A dog, a loyal companion by her side,

Innocent eyes, with love they'd glide.

But cruelty's hand, with heartless sway,

Tore through the fabric of trust's array.

A gunshot rang, a tragedy untold,

As the young dog's story, sadly, turned cold.

In echoes grim, another soul bore pain,

A goat, a creature of the grassy plain.

Once cherished, now laid low by callous hand,

In shadows cast by deeds so poorly planned.

What shadows lurk within the human heart?

What cruelty tears true bonds apart?

Governor of lands where the buffalo roam,

Yet kindness fled from her own home.

In the heart of South Dakota's vast expanse,

A lesson lingers, a mournful dance.

For power wields a double-edged sword,

And compassion's absence leaves its mark abhorred.

Let not the tale of Noem's grim dismay,

Define the essence of each passing day.

But may it serve as a reminder clear,

That kindness triumphs over darkness near.

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Question of the week: What will Stefanik do to top this?

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Two dogs? Cowboy ‘em to send a message?

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Every living creature is disposable to Republicans, unless it’s a fetus.

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