If you like old diving tech, I think you’ll want to check out my header explainer today: https://martiniambassador.substack.com/p/down-down-down

Video was sourced from an archival flic “Going Down.” More info at the link.

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<i>Even some right-wing antifeminist influencers are shocked to discover all this misogyny on the premises.</i>

Why are the leopards eating OUR faces?!?!

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Today's dental torture session was the worst so far, 2 hours filled with great big trigger induced flashbacks. They still didn't get this mold right. I have to go back in 2 weeks for a 3 hour appointment. Today fucked me up, Dr. Evil tried to do the 5th try . I started to gag immediately. He kept the mold in. It got worse. I was choking he kept the mold in. Finally I grab his arm and pulled it out myself. Fuck that psycho. I need all my witches, warlocks and spiritualists to put a little whammy on him, just want him to experience some humility. Force him to see patients as humans. A little karmic retribution.

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Of course the republican goal is for there to only be republicans in the White House, so they’re not worried about democrats ever abusing these new presidential powers.

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I'm such an ass.

Slate has an article about karaoke which includes the line:

"[Snip]if you and six friends want to get ignorant on “Best I Ever Had” behind a soundproof door, more power to you, brother. But get that shit out of here in humane, dignified public settings. College was a long time ago, okay?"

And that's where I just fucking lost it. "Humane." "Dignified." You're talking about effing KARAOKE. The DESTROYER of Dignified. Any bar or other venue hosting a karaoke night starts with the bouncers taking Dignified out the back door and shot-putting it into the dumpster.

Even the guy who invented karaoke disses it.

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I refuse to try to unlock The Daily Beast story on pickle ball and its apparent horrors. Can someone enlighten me?

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In regards to America Ferrara's assault, when she ''... became one of many women who came forward about being sexually assaulted in light of the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein at the time [2017].''

It is and was disgusting and no-one should have to go through that.

But I want to address the 600-pound Weinstein in the room.


Even though neither I nor my (now ex-) wife have ever had any real links to the flim-flam business at all, we both knew (independently of each other) well before 2017 about Weinstein's vileness and sexual assault. And as we met in 1985, I am talking at least a few years before that with me living in Central NY and her living in Philadelphia. And this is 100% true

Now if WE knew this it is clear that the Hollyrape communtiy has been leaking like a broken condom forever in regards to Weinstein.

Anyone else here know that as early as we did?

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I just read an article on the TX A&M professor who was put on administrative leave while the university investigated whether she was critical of LT Gov Dan Patrick. A) she wasn't and B) WTF A&M? She can be critical of the LT governor's office if she wants. The speed (literally hours) with which she was put on leave based on a single complaint from the daughter of one TX official (and Dan Patrick fan) is chilling. Which is the point, obvs. But still. Free speech-wise, TX is freezing.

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How can I hate pickleball so much when I barely know what it is?

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My anxiety is super high now, in 30 minutes I go back to the dentist and they traumatized me last week. I usually take a very tiny amount of Xanax to get me through situations like this because I'm sensitive to meds, but I'm doubling it today. I can do this, it's not going to be like last week, I just gotta keep telling myself that, now if my body would just listen. Anxiety can be very physically demanding.

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Tweelon M̶u̶s̶k̶ X shared a photo of the kind of short-attentioned person who really drives the cinema industry effort, scrolling through some social media in an unsocial manner 𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙧 .

The caption on the image reads, “This Oppenheimer movie is way too long.”

So every one of us who enjoyed the movie is wrong! The glowing reviews wrong!

I've been recommending the movie without even knowing X's thoughts!

I better go turn myself in

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It's time for a QAnon Cretin update! And man, is there updating to do!

Mostly it's updating over Elon Musk and X. Did you know that:

* XMAS means X MArks the Spot? It does!

* Q mentioned the term "XMAS" many times? He/she/it did!

* If you read "she/it" really fast, your brain says "shiiiiiiiiit"? It does!

* Q first mentioned "XMAS" in post 55 and everyone knows that really means 5 x 5, which is read "5 by 5" and as everyone knows, that is comms for "Good Signal Strength"? He/she/it did! Comms, people - know your comms!

* And not only that but also, that Q posted "XMAS in July"? He/she/it did! And what month is it now?!? July! The strom is coming! (Yes, I spelled "strom" on purpose, it's an old Kelly Bundy joke)

* Plus, the CIA's project to infiltrate the media was called Project Mockingbird, and there are blue mockingbirds, and Twitter's bird was blue, and X can mean "eliminated", and Q said "Multiple meanings exist" and also said "Learn our comms", so clearly this means...something? Well, kek!

* In addition, that X's new logo is really just a unicode symbol that represents "mathematical double-struck X"? It is!

Checkmate, libs!

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I'm asking with a great big PLEASE(also share this info) stop using the "Also share to Notes" unless you really want your comment duplicated. One if the biggest problems is it also duplicates the story. So if you go look at notes you will see the Tabs story posted several times, followed by last night's OT story many more times. It makes Notes harder to use for anything but as a duplicate comment section. This is not about posting your own Notes(go for it, but they won't be seen if it's filled with repeated comments from here), it's about that button that says "also share to Notes" thank you so much!

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Man I love Fetterman. I wish him the best and hope great things for him.

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"Even some right-wing antifeminist influencers are shocked to discover all this misogyny on the premises."

The two influencers quoted most are ... women. Huh. I wonder what the breaking point was? No really. Was it when Andrew Tate got arrested for trafficking? When the manosphere started saying women shouldn't vote? What is too far for these modern Phyllis Schafly's.

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