I don't think they're even *A* way out of poverty.

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"At least one of the legislators that voted for it, Republican Sen. Richard Briggs (himself a surgeon), now says he only voted for it because he thought it would never go into effect"

Anyone stupid enough to fall for that obvious and clumsy load of bullshit -- I mean, it doesn't even make SENSE! -- is too dumb to be entrusted with a stray dog, let alone a baby.

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Two Corinthians go into a bar.

Bartender: What'll it be, gents?

Corinthian 1: I'll have a Donald Trump.

Corinthain 2: Make mine a double.

Bartender: Two tall glasses of MAGA tears with a twist, coming up.

C1: So how goes it, C2?

C2: Not so great. I lost my job.

C1: As public executioner?

C2: That's the one. I was fired because I couldn't find a vein.

C1: So in was all in vein?

C2: Yep. After ten generations of my family's public killing service, I can't even pass the job down to my son, Corinthian Three. And boy, is he ever angry about it!

C1: So C3's PO'd?

C2: You could put it that way. At one time, I woulda strapped you down onto Old Sparky for a pun like that.

C1: Glad to hear it. So do you have a new job lined up?

C2: Not yet, but for a man of my unique qualifications, there must be opportunities abroad.

C1: True. No matter how things sort themselves out in Mother Russia...

C1 & C2: Heads are going to roll.

Exeunt omnes.


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he only voted for it because he thought it would never go into effect and is now worried

Advocating for things for reasons other than you think it's a good idea is a very very stupid business that is very liable to bite you in the ass. Makes the dog who caught the car look like a genius; at least he died happy.

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In poor countries where there is no such thing as old age security, children take care of their elderly parents and relatives, so having more kids means more ability to do that. Which is one reason why we now have 8 billion people on the planet.

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Septicemia For Everyone! Well, only if you are left with a dead fetus in your uterus that the law prevents doctors from removing.

Smack her on the back and shout, "Spit it out! Spit it out!"

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ass-sorted clowns? There is an opportunity there but I think I missed it.

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The Ferengi from the Ferengeti? If the Serengeti is in Tanzania, is the Ferengeti in France?

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Don't forget Benghazi

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"Ferengi" is in fact borrowed from the old Arabic word for westerner, specifically Crusader at first: it was their pronunciation of "Frank"

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I did not know that. Thanks.

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As usual, they forgot the clitoris...

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So a 'post-birth abortion' (not that I buy into such utter bullshit) is really just an unviable fetus who for various medical reasons will just die shortly after birth; perhaps lingering and suffering a bit until it does finally expire.

Boy these forced-birthers are a real compassionate group. /s

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Oh they will. The sadists and their punitive god want EVERYONE to be punished over anything that doesn't conform to Christofascist agenda. In fact, the sadists get a stiff little willy over that very fantasy,

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Irrelevant to child-bearing, I guess.

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