There's a filter for that.

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"Race-mixing is Communism"Good to know that all the cries of "Socialism!" being applied to things that it doesn't apply to has a long and proud history on the Right.

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Well, it's Texas. Can't say I'm surprised.

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Slavery in America began with the Spanish genocide of the Western hemisphere. Long before Africans were kidnapped to replace Native Americans. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

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I was taught by Catholic nuns, 1960-1970. Sadistic bytches, but 100% behind racial justice.

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The manifesto was a warning, not a threat. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

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Apart from Iowa (is there something in the water there?) I'm glad most of these bans are getting killed before they start.

FACT: One can still love their country with patriotic fervor and still acknowledge their country's past wrongdoings. It's not hard! I'm a huge patriot and I'm fine with admitting that enslaving Blacks, attempted genocide of Indigamericans, putting Japanese Americans in camps and locking Latinx refugees in cages is bad news!

Likewise, one can still be a proud Turk and admit the Armenian Genocide happened.

One can still be a proud Japanese and admit stuff like the Nanking Massacre, Bataan Death March and Unit 731 happened.

It doesn't made one less of a good country if they admit their country has been the villain once in a while. In fact, admitting wrong is a sign of goodness and strength.

Of course, the real reason for this is that the Wingnuts want to push the lie that slavery was good and that the slaves benefitted and other such nonsense. I also feel similar about Turkey & Japan denying stuff. They approve of it and are proud of it.

Meanwhile; NeoNazis deny the Shoah happened because that would mean that Jews aren't all-powerful evil super-beings who rule the world, are capable of being helpless innocent victims of mass-murder and the Nazis want to make Nazism more palatable.

I'm not Jewish but I agree with many Jews that "Shoah's" a better term. SHOAH means "Waste & Desolation" while HOLOCAUST referred to a religious burnt offering. While victims of the death camps were cremated en-masse, to call it a "religious offering" is really insulting to the Jewish faith (in which holocausts were a big part of religious practice in ancient times). I also think "Shoah" is more universal since there was another 6 million non-Jews (Gays, Roma, Dissidents, Socialists, Slavs, POWs, etc.) who got killed were in that mess as well.

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A. Explicitly bans any discrimination against any group (all named specifically).B. Explicitly mandates Voting Rights.C. Mandates a life-long curriculum in teaching Anti-Hate, Tolerance as well as Empathy and how to cope with uncertainty, inner malaise and ambiguity (so less are driven by these kookball bigot ideas or fall for Fashy populism).

... Of course, they'd have to expand SCOTUS first since it's lopsided in favor of Stupid. Also, Biden needs to appoint a bunch of Progressive Judges in the Lower Courts.

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Looks like the sort of guy who needs some prune juice and hollers "Get off my lawn!".

"Ooooooohhhh...You whippersnappers today with yer hula hoops an' yer fax machines and piercin's all over yer whatevers...."

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Also; The Founders aren't supposed to be honored for the crap they pulled but the good stuff.

For example; What Jefferson wrote and what he did in his private life should be divorced from each other. He had many beautiful ideas but he never lived by them. What a dope!

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Someone should post that panel from the Preacher comic where the titular chews out a bunch of chin-less bigots.

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Hell; Their "Patriotism" is really Nationalism. Their "Jesus" is really the "AntiChrist". They extol The Constitution while refusing to read or learn from it.


DEAR FELLOW BIGOTED WHITE PEOPLE (FROM A NON-BIGOTED WHITE LADY): We're a species native to Africa, Blacks are closer to the "Default Human", melanin is the human's natural sunscreen and you and I are merely weird Vitamin-D mutants who are prone to melanoma. Skin-Caner does not make one "Superman", it just makes you really sick and, without treatment, die.

Judge people on character alone: WHY IS THAT SUCH A HARD THING TO COMPREHEND?!

Oh, and Jesus was a swarthy Mid-Eastern Jewish Proto-Hippie SJW. He did just die for your sins (the only part you care about) but taught a lot of stuff on good conduct, ethics and charity. Thank you.

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I refuse to can them "Republicans". The GOP is unworthy of that once-respected venerable name. They're no longer the Party of Lincoln; They're the Party of Davis!

The few real Republicans left should just defect to the Democratic Party.

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Now that you're doing it... me, too.

And, of course, the Trumps learn nothing. They never consider why they are hated or that being huge jerks is part of it.

You be a jerk, people hate you. You be a good person, people like you. It's common sense. Respect is earned.

Don't like being hated, Mel? Be like Dr. Biden. Be a good woman who cares about the "little people" and is awesome.

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I get the feeling that BeBest wasn't really about Anti-Bullying but more about "Don't bully my repulsive orange sugar-daddy".

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I'm also glad almost all their business ventures have dried up. Very few want to buy their crap, most surviving ventures were closed down, Donnie lost his actor's union card so he can't do any more TV and Movie stuff, etc.

They're heavy in debt. Everyone is wise to their scamming and stiffing. Few will work with them and the only lawyers they can find are guys named after a type of oil who ramble about nothing in particular and a farting gargoyle who leaks temporary hair color.

Only Russians seems to be keeping them afloat but I doubt that will last long. Even Pooty realizes he may have put his bet on the wrong horse.

In the GOPers refuse to convict Trumpy, the other Legal Eagles will and Don can't run for more offices from The Can.

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