CNN's and MSNBC's coverage of Murdoch's "stepping back" seems to me like a circle jerk.

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Is anyone preparing a production of "King Lear" with the title actor in a rubber Rupert mask?

Nobody? Yeah, great, now I have to do fucking *every*thing?

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This puts me in the mind of ditty by Mr. Sturgill Simpson:

"Well now, Lord, if you can hear me, Won't you throw a damn dog a bone?

'Cause if the Devil shows up with a better deal, This old soul's a-goin' down

Oh, I sing 'em real pretty, sing 'em real sad, And all the people in the crowd say "He ain't half-bad"

Well, they call me King Turd up here on Shit Mountain

If you want, you can have the crown."

Take it away Lachlan...

(edited for spelling...)

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Presumably there’s some kind of containment field or “nursing home” where he and Kissinger can while away their last few years? Hell had a cage for that in Supernatural.

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"Bring me the head of Janine Pirro, that I may feed.”


Be careful, dearest Demon Uncle Rupie. Drinking Judge Boxwine's blood may cause you to become super drunk for the rest of your existence. ;-)

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Obviously Junior was just the best person for the job. No nepotism here 🤣

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OK, Disgusting, Mucoid, Throne of Filth, Excreted Fetid Minds (future glam-goo band?)


And I'm only on the 2nd paragraph! I understood once I saw the subject matter!

Still laughing, great work!

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After single handedly destroying the news media in the entire English speaking world, Rupert ambles off into the sunset, his work done.

Let’s hope Satan calls in his marker soon.

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If Ben Franklin's spirit was reanimated he'd be appalled at the media consolidation that the United States Government has allowed. Reagan set this up.

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Sep 22·edited Sep 22

This is just beautifully written, Dok. Bravo.

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Hmmm. Some possible reasons I can think of...

1. Something REALLY bad is coming down the pike and he wants to be out of the top job for plausible deniability.

2. Lachlan got sick of waiting and called in his favours from Cthulhu.

3. His human suit is rapidly failing, and all the rituals have been unsuccessful. Now he's run out of babies.

4. The Metamorphosis has become too advanced to hide. He must burrow underground and await the death of the sun, when he may emerge to seek a mate.

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Oh noes! I accidently submitted the discount code Lorelei. Now I'm being sent a complete discography

of Celtic Women. Works for me.

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Isn’t Lachlan even more conservative than his father? This shit needs to be outlawed. It’s no longer just “free speech” when it’s costing us our democracy.

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Doc, a little warning next time! I’m eating here!

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It's funny that your saying that considering wonkette is lebaled a misinformation news website on ad fonts media chart.

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A better requiem for that soul destroying asshole has yet to be written.

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