You really are a dim bulb, aren't you?

Here's a clue - PP is not responsible for what companies that are NOT PP do, nor is PP responsible for what its supporters say about it.

PP's literature makes it clear that it does NOT offer mammograms - it offers breast exams and cancer screening, and offers referrals for mammograms and follow-up testing.

Even with your basic dishonesty and lack of intelligence, integrity, or morals, you should be able to see THAT.

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Ohhhh did you try to call me a cunt?

You're so right...I am both warm and deep.

Thanks! And thanks for admitting that you have no actual response. Have a great day, fuckwit!!

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Thanks for proving you didn't bother to read the articles in question before dismissing them.

From the FactCheck piece that I've been citing all along - and you've been ignoring:

"Nucatola does make one statement in the unedited video that suggests to critics that some clinics would be comfortable with a payment that was slightly more than their expenses for providing the tissue. “I think for affiliates, at the end of the day, they’re a nonprofit, they just don’t want to — they want to break even. And if they can do a little better than break even, and do so in a way that seems reasonable, they’re happy to do that,” Nucatola says.

But immediately after this statement, Nucatola goes on to say: “Really their bottom line is, they want to break even. Every penny they save is just pennies they give to another patient. To provide a service the patient wouldn’t get.” Planned Parenthood told us that she may have been referring to more general operations of the clinics."

Awwww.... you fail... AGAIN... but thanks for playing!!

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Oh, brother. You're in denial. I can demand that PP doesn't get taxpayer money, how's that? But then you scream "You hate women", never mind that 50% of all abortions kill a female and that PP preys on vulnerable young women, particularly in minority communities. (Don't forget that PP's founder was a eugenicist who wanted to eliminate "inferior" races, either.) You fail to address the issue that if PP wasn't a willing provider, companies like StemExpress wouldn't exist. You simply question my motives.

And you have yet to cite anything dishonest I've said. I simply quote from PP's own officials and hangers-on. You just wave your hands and call me names. Good bye. Your conscience is seared and you're beyond being convinced by anyone short of God himself.

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And Nutter says, "I want a new Lamborghini!" One doesn't say such a thing if you're not hoping to profit. You keep going back again and again to the one statement from Nucatola while ignoring all the others from PP officials where profit is clearly the motive. It's a thin reed to cling to, citing the same thing over and over while ignoring the mountain of evidence in front of you. (NB, I did read the articles. It doesn't change the fact that three are opinion pieces, not fact-based research, and they engage in their own selective editing of Nucatola's comments as well as repeating P's tired talking points.) And the "experts" cited in the fourth have unknown sympathies, so excuse me if I'm skeptical.)

PP kills babies and sells their parts, and you not only have no problem with that, you're an enthusiastic defender. May God forgive you.

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So if PP was so scrupulously honest, why don't they correct the record every time someone from the President on down claims that PP does mammograms? They're happy to let the ambiguity run if it serves their purposes, hence the 3 pinnochios from teh WaPo. Even their own web pages are slippery in describing this, using unclear language to leave the impression that they not only do breast screening but also mammograms. They prey on the vulnerable.

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They are not responsible for what other people say about them.

Your paternalistic bullshit won't stand...the women who go to PP for healthcare are fully informed and consenting, and are taking control of, and responsibility for, their own reproductive lives.

That's the bit that drives you insane, isn't it? Women with agency?

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Every time you've tried to condemn PP, I've demonstrated that you are wrong, wrong, wrong on FACTS....and every time, you contrive to ignore the facts and shift to some other stupid innuendo you draw that you blame them for, or try to hold them responsible for things that other people say or do.

Not once have you acknowledged that you have been comprehensively shown to be entirely wrong - and not just wrong, but actively lying - about PP and this whole contrived, manufacture non-scandal

Your dishonesty is appalling. I wouldn't have your morals if they came with a prize.

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PP doesn't go out touting for abortions. Women go to them after having made up their own minds, and they receive the healthcare they ask for.

I realize that the fact that women taking control of their own lives and bodies is what really bothers you. Your misogyny and your dishonesty is disgusting.

And, BTW, I see you've pulled out another of your teavangelical lies - Sanger was NOT a "eugenicist." She was an advocate for birth control who made common cause with the eugenics movement that was popular at the time to advance her birth-control aims.

I'll bet the ranch you don't slam Winston Churchill, WEB DuBois, and Alexander Graham Bell, all of whom were supporters of the eugenics movement. You're only concerned about eugenics when it suits your religious-fanatic agenda.

Every single comment I've posted - including this one - has called you out specifically on lies and dishonesty you have posted...and not once have you had the integrity to back away from the lies.

So fuck that noise, too, you lying sack of shit.

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And you still haven't faced the fact that if you really objected to using fetal cells for research, you'd be protesting at all of the research institutions that use companies like StemExpress to find them tissue.

Your utter dishonesty and immorality has you blaming PP because StemExpress approached them - never seeing that StemExpress exists to serve the CONSUMERS of the tissue it attempts to supply... RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS. But no - you blame the potential suppliers because you don't like that they make it possible for women to take control of their own lives and bodies.

Your dishonesty and ignorance of healthcare and PP is rivaled only by your ignorance of economics and markets.

You are beneath contempt.

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Churchill et al. are not presently receiving taxpayer money or profiting off of their eugenic efforts.

"[We should] apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring." Sanger, Women and the New Race, ch. 6

"Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race." Sanger, April 1932 Birth Control Review, pg. 108 [sounds a lot like using birth control for eugenic purposes to any sentient being]

"Give dysgenic groups [people with “bad genes”] in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization." Sanger, Mar. 27, 1934, America Needs a New Code for Babies

There's a lot more. Sanger was a racist eugenicist, period. Her own words betray here.

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You haven't shown me to be wrong once. I've shown you to be in denial. Please answer, specifically, what Nutter could have possibly meant by joking about buying luxury items from her dealings with the organ peddlers. Please answer, specifically, why StemExpress promises profits and PP responds to that promise. Please, you have yet to answer t his. Please answer, specifically, why Nucatola wants "better than break even." You haven't answered this. Please address, specifically, the several instances of where PP officials clearly talk about changing medical procedures in order to preserve the more valuable organs. Nothing from you yet on that, either. Please demonstrate how I might possibly be mistaken in my grasp of plain English.

You keep going back to the fact check article, even though it has nothing to say about the subsequent videos. BTW, think about it: if the pro-life group truly was guilty of selectively editing the videos, why would they leave those so-called exhorting statements in? Why wouldn't they cut those out? Please answer, specifically, how this works. Please answer, specifically, just how and where the full videos have been deceptively edited.

You have demonstrated nothing other than you are in denial and beyond convincing.

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Read the PP "permission" slip. It's easily available online. No where does it say that doctors will alter the procedure in order to save the valuable organs. Nowhere does it say they'll crush here or there or try to use "less crunchy" techniques in order to save valuable organs. It hides behind anodyne words like blood and tissue instead of the more specific and concrete heart, lungs, liver. If PP truly wanted their women to fully informed, it would have no objection to an ultrasound before the procedure so the mother could see precisely what her "clump of cells" and "product of conception" looks like. (And funny, again, how those vague terms become quite specific once money's involved.)

And, to your original statement, they are indeed responsible for what others say about them if those people are stating falsehoods in their defense.

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PP doesn't own any women, so referring to "their women" is bullshit... but even MORE bullshit is your insistence on using the word "mother" to describe PP's patients, considering that the women in question have chosen to terminate their pregnancies...meaning they are not mothers. Next time, try to express your disrespect for women as people in another way.

The materials refer to the "products of conception" because, at the point by which most abortions are performed, what is removed during an abortion is primarily thickened endometrium. The embryo - and it IS an embryo because the vast majority of abortions are performed before 10 weeks - forms a very small part of the tissue removed, you ignorant asshole.

And your insistence on pre-abortion ultrasounds is of a piece with the rest of your paternalistic, misogynist bullshit - indicating, as it does, either that you don't think women have the ability to think their own actions through, or that you think that women should be punished for evading your control.

Neither one of those options is anything you should take pride in.

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I have posted documented evidence of the falsity of everything you've claimed.

Lying for Jesus is still lying, shithead.

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Here's the full text of that speech... show me where your quote is... because I don't see it.



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