PA GOP Doesn't Like John Fetterman's Regular-Sized Trans And Weed Flags? WHAT ABOUT BIG HUGE ONES?

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The thing we're really liking about this Pennsylvania lieutenant governor man John Fetterman is that he has a quality that's still in too-short supply in the modern Democratic party (though it's getting better). He likes to fuck with Republicans and make them look like the morons they are with childlike abandon.

Today's example: apparently Republicans in the Pennsylvania legislature stuck a provision in the budget bill late last year, saying you can only have approved flags on display at the Capitol. It has to be the American flag, or the Pennsylvania state flag, or, according to The Hill, flags "honoring missing American soldiers." And of course, when Republicans pass bills like this, it's always about some petty ass shit, and never about actual governing. In this case it was specifically about Lt. Gov. Fetterman, who likes to fly the trans pride flag and the LGBTQ+ pride flag, and also one supporting weed legalization.

Back in November, when Fetterman found out about the provision, he said nah, the flags stay up. Want them to come down? Legalize weed and pass antidiscrimination laws to protect LGBTQ+ people, you freaking losers. "I would be delighted to take them down if they give us that," said John Fetterman. "That's the reason I'm flying them," said John Fetterman. "You freaking losers," John Fetterman did not say, but he probably thought it.

"Are they going to send the gay pride police to come and seize them? I didn't know we had that division in the state police," Fetterman said.


Well, John Fetterman has decided that maybe if they don't like the regular-sized flags he was flying from his balcony, maybe these losers would like some GREAT BIGGIE MCLARGEHUGE trans and LGBTQ+ and weed flags. How you like these flags, you freaking losers?

As The Hill notes, "state employees" took down Fetterman's flags in January, and he just put up some new ones then. And he's repeating what he said before, that if those freaking losers hate his new big huge flags so much, then just legalize weed and pass anti-discrimination legislation, and it'll all be fine.

Until then? STFU. Whatcha gonna do, send the PRIDE FLAG POLICE? Pfffffffft.

Remember, John Fetterman is running to be the next United States senator from the state of Pennsylvania. If he gets there, he can take his trolling powers directly to Ted Cruz's and Josh Hawley's and Lindsey Graham's very stupid faces.

We are just saying.

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