Palin Bumfight Update! New Eyewitness: Bristol Totally Punched That Dude In The Face

Additional details keep oozing to the surface about theGreat Big Palin Family Brawl of Sept. 6 (aka the Rumble on the Tundra, aka Another Saturday Night With The Wasillabillies). In the newest wrinkle, Roberta Thompson -- wife of Eric Thompson, the poor schlub who was fired after he talked about the brawl on teevee -- has given an interview to Talking Points Memo, adding yet another bit of detail to our understanding of what may have happened at an Anchorage house party while America slept. (Where was Obama? Why was no military assistance offered? Who gave the "stand down' order?)

Here's TPM's Ahiza Garcia with the nitty:

"It was just so shocking," Roberta Thompson told TPM.

She mostly confirmed what her husband told multiple news outlets last week, saying that the two of them were right next to each other during the incident. But she provided her own take on how the events unfolded, including a portion that she said involved the eldest Palin daughter, Bristol Palin, and the owner of the house, Korey Klingenmeyer.

"What I saw was two girls run past and run towards Korey," Roberta Thompson said. "And then I just saw Bristol Palin start punching him in the face."

"It was quite, quite violent," she added.

To his credit, Mr. Klingenmeyer remained calm as the Christian mommyblogger rained blow after blow on him.

"She kept punching him and then he just said, you know, 'You need to go,'" Thompson said.

Later, back at the airbase in Pianosa, Yossarian asked Klingenmeyer why he kept giggling harder and harder every time she hit him, but couldn't understand Klingenmeyer's explanation since his cheeks were filled with horse chestnuts.

Ms. Thompson said that after Klingenmeyer escorted Bristol from the room, she didn't see the rest of the altercation, which other sources have claimed included Sarah Palin hurling epithets and "nearly crawling on top of people," presumably in hopes of retrieving her epithets.

Ms. Thompson, unfortunately, said that she didn't see Sarah involved in any fighting, but did notice the snowbilly grifter's flag-patterned hightop sneakers.

"I try not to pay too much attention because she doesn't mean anything to me," Thompson said. "I'm not a big fan."

Also, too, you can add to your Big Disappointments folder the news that Ms. Thompson considered getting her cellphone out to catch video of the foofaraw, but didn't. You're not nearly as disappointed as she is -- a recent photo of Thompson literally includes a thought balloon of little dollar signs with wings flying away. But far worse, she says, is her sense that Justice Has Not Been Done:

"I just think when people assault other people that they should be arrested," she said. "Or at least charged. Especially when there's that many eyewitnesses. I don't think just because you're a Palin that you should not have to suffer the same consequences as any other person."

Also, she's pretty bummed that her husband was fired from his job after he told the Palin Fight Club story on Good Morning America. Twin brothers Matt and Marc McKenna were being birthday feted at the party when the brawl broke out, and they fired Eric Thompson from their paving company after he went on teevee. Ms. Thompson said that she and her husband consider the McKenna brothers "wonderful people and good friends of ours so we're having a really hard time dealing with the fact that they won't return calls."

Once again, you have to wonder who really ordered the firing -- someone in the Palin mafia? Or perhaps this goes all the way to the top. We wouldn't be surprised to learn that Barack Obama watched it all unfold in real time, and pressured the McKennas to fire Mr. Thompson to send a message. That's just how he works.


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