Participatory Journamalism Experiment: Submit & Vote On Wonkette Stories!


Hello comrades. We have a mission for you, should you choose to click/accept it, etc.

Wonkette Propaganda Industries & Co. is preparing a Digg-style story submission system to replace our current unwieldy and underutilized tips@wonkette mail list. What this means is simply that we would like to gauge interest in such a public forum where you would use your existing commenter accounts to submit stuff for Wonkette. And readers could vote the things up or down, a la Reddit/Digg, and your comments about whatever ridiculous/outrageous newslinks would add to the fun/horror. (Sensitive/anonymous tips will always be accepted and appreciated through the usual tips line.)

So how do we test if there's interest in such a thing? We use a post like this for some story submissions. And then we all use the little thumbs-up buddy to vote a story up, theoretically. And then the Web Developers will say, "Oh yeah, the Wonkette Commenting Squad is all over this," and then they will figure out a way to bill us a hundred hours for some open-source thing they found in a porn bit torrent, the end.

THANKS FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION, and here's a good example of such a story submission comment from earlier today.


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