Communist Judge Puts Ammon Bundy In Communist Idaho Jail

Communist Judge Puts Ammon Bundy In Communist Idaho Jail
Ammon Bundy in a campaign ad. This is not 'community service' either.

After escaping any semblance of justice for leading two armed standoffs with the federal government, Dildo Militiaman Ammon Bundy seems to have misplaced his Get Out of Jail Free card when it comes to a series of low-level criminal bullshit he's pulled in the name of freedom and liberty in Idaho. As part of his quest to ensure freedom for the coronavirus, Bundy's antics at the state Capitol in Boise keep landing him in jail on misdemeanor charges like trespassing, interfering with officers, and generally being an annoying shithead. (Haha, that is not actually a crime in Idaho! If it were, half the Legislature would be in jail!)

In his latest brush with the law for being a silly fuckhead, Bundy was found guilty of contempt of court yesterday and sentenced to 10 days in jail, after he failed to complete 40 hours of community service following a July 2021 conviction.

This being Ammon Bundy, he had to go and fail in spectacular style, too You see, Bundy is running as an independent for Idaho governor, and he apparently figured that his political ambitions are synonymous with the public good, as the Idaho Statesman explains.

Bundy had argued that the stops made during his gubernatorial campaign satisfy his court-mandated community service.

Ada County Magistrate Judge Annie McDevitt sentenced Bundy to 10 days in jail along with a $3,000 fine. He was immediately handcuffed and taken to the Ada County Jail on Thursday.

Judge McDevitt, who clearly didn't recognize that Bundy's gracing We The People with his presence was a service of the highest possible sort, lectured him,

“You didn’t just blow it off. Rather, you took the time and effort to blatantly disrespect the court’s order, making a mockery of the sentence you received,” McDevitt told Bundy. “You were given an opportunity to go complete public service — you could have done it.”

Bundy gets the (office) chair after sit-in at Idaho Capitol, August 2020. KBOI -TV video screenshot.

Bundy was supposed to complete the community service by the first of this year, as part of his sentence for a 2020 stunt in which he refused to leave the Capitol long after a hearing had ended. State police rolled the handcuffed High Plains Grifter out of the building to a police cruiser in an office chair, in what Idaho wags took to calling an act of "swivel disobedience."

In February of this year, Ada County Deputy Prosecutor Whitney Welsh filed a motion to charge Bundy with contempt for willfully refusing to do a bit of community service.

But wait! Bundy insisted he had done not only the 40 hours of community service, but many more than that, as part of his long-shot political campaign. On November 29, 2021, well before Bundy's deadline for completing the service,

Bundy’s campaign treasurer, Aaron Welling, submitted a letter to Idaho’s 4th District Court and claimed Bundy had “completed 1,621 hours of public service.”

Welling said Bundy has traveled the state while encouraging people to “become more active in holding public officials accountable to the people of Idaho.”

Surely telling people they should do politics — by electing Ammon Bundy — is way better for the community than picking up trash or tutoring high schoolers on how to infiltrate a federal wildlife refuge.

In court, Bundy insisted the government hadn't proved that he'd failed to fulfill the terms of his sentence:

He argued he performed a public service in campaigning, and that his campaign organization was a nonprofit — which were two of the terms stipulated by the preceding judge in July, when Bundy was initially sentenced.

Bundy also argued that Bundy for Governor, the organization that signed off on his 1,621 hours of community service, was not his company but an organization formed to help him become governor.

Judge McDevitt, clearly a tool of the Deep State, pointed out that back in July, Bundy had been warned that "working for your own company isn’t going to count.”

“You did not do public service that was selfless, that was to serve others, but rather, you did it for your own campaign — which is by design to get you elected as governor, which is a paid political position in the state of Idaho,” McDevitt said.

But honestly, what is a "company"? How can a nonprofit be a company, when it makes no profits? Indeed, it serves the public by trying to get a true lover of the real Constitution elected! Are you saying the Constitution isn't of service to the community, you monster?

Welsh reviewed Bundy's history of lawbreaking and general assholery, arguing that Bundy had "repeatedly shown contempt for the laws of the state of Idaho.”

“He has a repeated pattern of interpreting the law however he believes it should be interpreted,” Welsh said during Thursday’s sentencing. “And even worse than that, he’s a leader in showing others how he believes the law should be interpreted and encouraging them to follow his lead.”

Well, gosh, Mr. "Prosecutor," if it's not a community service to tell people they need to free themselves from the tyranny of Man's Earthly Authority, what with its "laws" and " judges" and courtrooms with "gold fringe on the American flag," then maybe it's YOU that doesn't know what community service is!

Besides, if you force a Free American Patriot to do service for a community, isn't that in itself involuntary servitude, or slavery? Doesn't "community" have the same root as "communism"? Can any government that puts free men in servitude to communism even be legitimate?

In conclusion, if anyone is guilty here, it is the communists, and they all should go to jail. Please send Ammon money, the end.

[Idaho Statesman]

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