Paul Ryan Loves Poors So Much He Didn’t Even Punch This Homeless Man In The Face (Video)


Remember yesterday, when we learned that mortician's apprentice* Paul Ryan likes to help poor people by doing jobs that have already been done? (And THANKS, Wonkette tip line tipsters, for asking this morning why we are not all over this. THANKS FOR READING, SO MUCH. Here, let us give you that link AGAIN.) And not only that, but he "ramrodded" his way in, and everyone was sooo pissed? Well above is the fascinating behind-the-scenes video of "Mr." Ryan so naturally rolling up his sleeves to wash that clean pan for the cameras. My, he doesn't even have to think about it for a moment! Clean pan? Sure! Got a brush? It is vaguely fascinating! But we also have a new aspect to this story, and that is the homeless man Paul Ryan graces with his mouthwords right at the end of the video.

How much does Paul Ryan love poors and homelesses? HE DOESN'T EVEN PUNCH THE HOMELESS IN THE FACE, but tells him it is "nice to meet him," before saying he, Paul Ryan, also lives in a town, doesn't listen to a word the old man is trying mumblingly to say, and then saunters out the door. Hey man, he doesn't have all day to sit around listening to homelesses just because he used their soup kitchen for his ridiculous photo op! He is Paul Ryan! He's got embalming practice at four!

If this story were on Mitt Romney's website, it would explain that Paul Ryan, with his mere presence, had saved that old man's life.

Get on it, Romney website. We're not gonna cut back all government support for social programs for homelesses and instead rely only on private charity like Ryan's if you all don't do your jobs and WIN THIS BITCH!

*Origins lost to the mists of time.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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