Pence Appoints Totally Random Non-Law-Practicing Lady As Indiana Judge, Because Go F*ck Yourself Is Why


Tom McDermott, Jr., the mayor of Hammond, Indiana, is rather upset and confused after finding out -- through social media -- that Vice President-elect Mike Pence (who is still governor of Indiana, even though we forgot about that) went ahead and appointed a judge in his town without consulting with him first. And not only that, but a judge who has never even practiced law before.

"She admits she's never practiced law, and she's going to be a judge? This is unprofessional cronyism, and I have no confidence in this appointment," McDermott told the Chicago Tribune. "This lady ran Sylvan Learning Centers."

Amy Jorgensen, 46, does have a law degree from Valparaiso University School of Law, but has previously stated that she has never actually used it. Rather, she has run a bunch of Sylvan Learning Center franchises. For real, like, that was not a weird joke or anything. OH, and by sheer coincidence, we are sure, she also happens to be the chair of the St. John Republican Party.

Jorgensen, who was sworn in on Monday morning, will be replacing Judge Gerald Kray, who was also not told that his services would no longer be needed. Judge Kray was appointed to the position of Hammond City Court Judge by the Indiana Supreme Court after the previous judge died in April.

Via Chicago Tribune:

Jorgensen said in an email that she's "very thankful and humbled to have been chosen by Vice President-Elect Governor Pence" and that she "was appointed because she was the best candidate, without regard to political support."

"I look forward to working with current court personnel, as well as the Mayor's office, to effectuate a smooth transition," she said. "It is my understanding that Judge Pro Tempore Kray has been doing an outstanding job and I hope for his continued involvement."

As to whether she has ever worked in a law-related position, however, she declined to answer, saying that Pence reviewed her entire application, resume, background and references and "confidently declared that she would 'make an excellent judge.'"

Really -- he read the whole resume of a person who has never actually practiced law, and who got her degree in law over 16 years ago, judging by this alumni profile, and who, since then, has been operating tutoring franchises, and thought "Oh yes, totally without regard to political support, this is a woman who should be a judge!"

Jorgensen does have her supporters, however. Lake County Republican Party Chairman Dan Dernulc says he thinks she'd be swell!

"I know Amy, and I think she will make an excellent judge," he said, admitting he "wasn't sure" if she's ever held a law-related position. "Sometimes, people are elected into positions and are molded into the job.

"She has a few years to prove herself."

Oh, a few years? That should be a very comforting thought to all the people who are going to go before her in court before she has time to get "molded" into the job, while she tries to remember all the law stuff she learned well over 16 years ago, and catch up on all the new law stuff that has happened since then. That should be really nice for them! Though, hey, perhaps she'll have someone to tutor her in all of those things over at one of her Sylvan Learning Center franchises! Surely, she'll figure it out in no time.

[Chicago Tribune]

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