Earth's most generic light beer, Bud Light, has been doing an ad campaign that they think is oh so hip, lately, to try to get beer-pong playing, dildo-brained college kids to upgrade from Natty Light and drink THEIR piss beer instead. It's called #UpForWhatever, and there was a big PacMan super bowl commercial, because Bud Light is the beer that, according to advertising execs, makes you "up for whatever." The labels have said things like "the perfect beer for going without a ticket and still getting into the show," and "the perfect beer for tuning up the old air guitar," because these guys are fucking HIP, dude. Oh, and there's this new label, that's totally about drinking so much that bitches won't say no when you try to fuck them, and people don't like it, huh.

Reddit user GhosX9 posted a picture of the label, which reads "the perfect beer for removing 'no' from your vocabulary for the night," on Monday, and it's now going viral, because, FOR SOME REASON, people seem to think it's rapey! And we tend to agree! The Consumerist suggests that, hey, you know, maybe it is NOT a good idea for a beer company to go ahead and acknowledge that their product is a really good way to get the old date rape train out of the station:

Given the role that alcohol plays in many things that would have been a “no” without a night a drinking — driving under the influence, sexual assault, vandalism, public urination, random “woot-woot”-ing as you ping-pong down the sidewalk — it’s probably not the best idea for a multinational multibillion-dollar business like Bud Light’s parent company AB InBev to publicly acknowledge that its product can lead users down a path to stupid consequences.

Now, to be totally fair to the ad goons who came up with this, they are correctly identifying their target market. What do these bros like? Beer pong! SEC football! Date rape! So, ten points for knowing your audience, and minus eleventy fucking billion points for releasing an ad that, seemingly, EGGS THEM ON.

This is not the first time Bud Light has stepped on its own ball sac with this campaign, of course. They got in trouble after St. Patrick's Day for a now-deleted tweet, which was, surprise, also rapey!

Haw haw, that's right, you can pinch bitches for not wearing green, but also if they don't want to fuck you, bro. GOOD DRINKING PLAN! We can't wait to see what else they have in store, but we bet it will be rapey. We'd say we were boycotting Bud Light, but that would require us to be drinkers of the swill in the first place, which we are not, so fuck it.

[Reddit/The Consumerist via Wonkette Twitter operative @Rowast]


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