Secretary Mayor Pete Not Sure What Marjorie Taylor Greene Babbling About, Is It Truck Dicks?

We believe it's 1 Thessalonians 2:6 that says "Nice truck, dude. Sorry about your dick." (KJV)

For some reason we thought about that Bible verse when we saw this interview Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg did with weirdo Neil Cavuto on Fox News. (Buttigieg is the only one allowed to go on Fox News, and this interview is another example of why.)

Cavuto asked Buttigieg about the important news of the day, which apparently in Fox News bonkers upside down land was that GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said at a Trump Hitler rally this weekend that Buttigieg is trying to "emasculate the way we drive."


Uh, well, that is unclear. Apparently in Greene's Bible, it says that gas-powered vehicles have a great big penis and electric vehicles have a vagina and Greene perhaps thinks it's gay to drive the electric ones? We dunno. Her full quote was so weird, apparently, all about “the roar of a V8 engine under the hood of a Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro and incredible feel of all that horsepower." Hey, Rep. Greene, can you stop doing grooming behavior to Mustangs and Camaros in front of our kids, please?

None of this makes any sense because nothing Marjorie Taylor Greene says makes any sense.

Buttigieg said:

“I literally don’t even understand what that means,” Buttigieg replied. “My sense of manhood is not connected to whether or not my vehicle is fueled by gasoline or whether it’s fueled by electricity.”

And if you're so brainwashed by Exxon that your sense of manhood is tied to that, refer to the Bible verse in the first line of this post.

Buttigieg then casually demonstrated why he's the only one allowed to go on Fox News, because why is anyone debasing themselves by responding to the words of Marjorie Taylor Greene? Come on, now.

“It was a strange thing to say,” he added. “You know, to be honest, there are other members of Congress that I pay more attention to when I’m thinking about opinions that really matter or ideas that are going to be critical to engage with.”

Now, we know how Greene would respond to this, or at least we have a guess. She's a mouth-frothing homophobe and all-around bigot, so she'd probably start doing some kind of Neanderthal armpit fart sounds while she attempted to mock Buttigieg's sexuality. It wouldn't be the first time. Her face would maybe look like this:

You know what we are talking about, because you just do.

But we'll take a cue from the Transportation secretary here and just say that there are other members of Congress whose opinions really matter or who have ideas that are going to be critical to engage with when it comes to literally anything, including, we guess, Pete Buttigieg's sexuality.

Not that we expect anybody except Greene and fellow weirdos like Lauren Boebert to have an opinion.

Boebert makes that face above too, literally while she is making fun of Buttigieg's sexuality.

The Venn Diagram of people who make fun of people's sexuality in the year 2022 and people who make that face is a big old circle.

In summary and in conclusion, this is a blog post about people who make that face.

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