Phyllis Schlafly & 'Obama's Army Of Blacks' Guy: Liberals Giving Your Kids To Teh Gheys As Sex Toys

You might think that by now, we were no longer capable of being surprised by Phyllis Schlafly and the merry band of rightwing loonies in her orbit. And for the most part, you'd be right -- we're no longer shocked by much of anything these twits say, because like Taco Bell, they're in the business of putting together the same few components in infinitely varied combinations.

Even so, we did at least raise an eyebrow* at the latest Fiery Doritos Mega-Beeflike Shitburrito Supreme from the Derp Brigade: On Tuesday, Schlafly chatted with minor-league radio bigot Stan Solomon, who fully expects that any moment now, the gummint is going to start declaring conservatives to be unfit parents, and will "take your children, whether they're in the womb, or already born." Schlafly agreed that so-called child protective service agencies should be called "the Gestapo," and claimed that the bureaucrats all get a bonus every time they put children up for adoption on "some flimsy pretext." Solomon concurred, adding that there are lots and lots of cases where gay adoptive parents have done sex to their adopted kids, and made child porn, "and the media won't even talk about it."

Seems perfectly plausible to us! This might be the REAL reason why Arizona just plain ignored 6000 reports of child abuse -- obviously, they were too busy seizing Christian children and giving them to gay baby-rapers so they could cash in on the big stolen-child adoption bonuses. Good to see someone's finally paying attention to all this.

Solomon, you may recall, is the astute analyst who warned in February that Barack Obama is coming for your guns and also raising an army of blacks to stomp out white patriots. More recently, he also rejoiced that Trayvon Martin is dead and hoped that Dan Savage will die painfully of every disease know to man. He seems nice.

Solomon went on to discuss with Schlafly the Left's worship of both Barack Obama "and Lenin himself" -- hey, are you guys gonna join us in April for the big Lenin's Birthday bash? We'll dance naked and sacrifice some fetuses, maybe -- and he shared his astonishment that Obama ever became President, since everyone who ever met him knew he was a “foulmouthed, homosexual, drug-using, ne’er-do-well[.]” (Not just a ne'er-do-well, but a blackamoor, too. Egad.) Schlafly explained that the only way Obama got so far is that “he had people behind him pushing him all the way.” You know... THEM, those people who made him the Manchurian candidate from Kenya. And to wrap up, she added that the President is actually kind of dumm: “I really don’t think he’s very smart, 'cause he can only say what somebody puts on the teleprompter for him.”

Yeah, that's more the regular menu of crap, there. We know we really should stay away, but there's something strangely addictive about it.

*Which, for Yr Doktor Zoom, is some heavy lifting.


Doktor Zoom

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