Pickup Truck Warns of Impending 'Muslim Attack'

Pickup Truck Warns of Impending 'Muslim Attack'

WHY WON'T AMERICA LISTEN TO THE PICKUP TRUCKS? Our nation's pickup trucks are always alerting citizens to new threats, but nobody seems to listen, even thoughwe do our part to bring them to the people. Things are getting so bad that it's no longer enough to post messages on your truck; you now have to attach giant signs to let people know about the apocalypse that will be precipitated by Muslims overthrowing their dictators. It may be confusing that the same pickup trucks that were once proclaiming terrorists hate freedom are now afraid that "terrorists" want freedom, but, uh... hey, look at that Simba stuffed animal sitting up there. That's pretty cool.

This is from new Islamophobe world headquarters Orange County, of course:

How does one "harden" a bomb shelter, anyway? Like, build yet another wall around everything? Or is this truck referring to the Pokemon move "Harden"?

And why does Simba hate Muslims? Was Scar Muslim? [thanks to Wonkette operative "Jim C."]


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