Police Beat Black NBA Player Sterling Brown; NFL Says Kneeling Still Treason

This is the opposite of confrontational

To all the people who wonder why NFL players are kneeling in protest of police violence against black people in America, you can stop wondering dumb shit right now. When you have NBA players like Sterling Brown, rookie shooting guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, being tased and abused by jack-booted thugs in a Walgreens parking lot, you have your answer. For this edition of “Thing Police Beat Black People Up For That White People Do All The Time,” we take a trip to Wisconsin to watch police officers lie their natural asses off about why they beat up Sterling Brown that night.

Here is the video, from January 26, 2018:

Now, what the fuck did he do to deserve getting his ass beat and tased? Most people who double park or even park in the handicapped spaces (yes, a dick move and an entitled one, not a beatin'!) receive a ticket for the violation. Nothing Brown did looks in the slightest bit intimidating; he was a calm young man who had obviously been given "the talk." Yet for some reason, the officer was trolling him like a horny loser on reddit trolls women who reject him. Not only that, but the initial statement given by police was summarily rejected by even the Milwaukee Police Department itself. They ended up having to apologize to Brown, but he is not even having that shit. And just to prove that the police are seriously fucked up and it's time to stop letting them get away with lying until dash-cam footage proves the truth, Sterling Brown has filed a civil suit. Let's hope he wins ALL THE MONEYS.

Before you start giving kudos to the Milwaukee Police Department for apologizing and admitting they were wrong, please don't waste your precious energy. The police officer who confronted Brown was only suspended for two days, while two supervisors were suspended for 10 and 15 days. What other job on the planet can you get away with assaulting and tasing innocent people and not get fired? The community is understandably unimpressed.

Why did the department choose to finally break down and apologize for abusing Sterling Brown? Because they got caught. As black people have been saying since the day police departments were invented, POLICE OFFICERS LIE. They lied on Brown in their initial paperwork by giving a statement saying he “confronted them and became combative.” Anybody watching that video can clearly see that the police officer was the one being confrontational and combative. Perhaps it is time to stop always giving the police officer the benefit of doubt in these situations. The body cam video proved that we cannot trust the police just because they are police.

Not only did we recently obtain dash cam footage of the police beating and tasing an NBA player for no goddamn reason at all, but now the NFL has decided that the police killing and abusing black people is still not a good enough reason to kneel during the national anthem. Bowing to Trump, Roger Goodell and the geniuses who own the NFL teams have made new rules obviously aimed at soothing the ruffled feathers of white folks mad that black players protest police violence. The new rules are a new spin on the “three fifths compromise” and it lets players who want to kneel hide in the locker room during the anthem. It also fines players and teams who kneel on the field. It’s a stupid ass rule and everybody can clearly see that Trump pressured them into it.

Look, NFL, if you haven’t noticed, we constantly have cops killing unarmed black people, so the fact that you are limiting protest shows that you couldn’t care less. And also, it would be nice if you took an interest in the fact that you have very many players that earn you a nice little living who are actually black people. There might come a time when the ball player who gets a beat down from police is actually a member of one of YOUR teams. You might lose a few bucks while he heals. Think about your lovely money. It will be lonely without you.

Sterling Brown was not a bad guy who needed to be taken down by a "good guy with a taser" on a winter's eve. He was just like many other black people who are minding their business in a non-threatening manner and find themselves face to face with a bad cop.

Unlike so many of us, Sterling Brown had money, name recognition, athletic talent (no, not all black people can play sports... or dance), and he actually survived to tell his side. And just keep in mind that until the body cam footage came out, it was just his word against all of theirs. And they lied. They lie a lot. Black Lives Matter, and not just when you can make money off of their labor.

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