Police Officer Learns Not To Share Every Racist Thought He Has About Ferguson

If you are a cop who has been working in Ferguson for the last couple of weeks, you have already engaged in some egregiously stupid shit. Might we suggest you not compound your already-monstrous civil action liabilities by using your Twitter accounts to lie about the ongoing protests or yap about how much you would like to punch Attorney General Eric Holder in the face?

Meet Sergeant Mike Weston, an officer for Valda City in St. Louis County, not far from Ferguson. Weston was called in to help pacify the city during the protests over the killing of Mike Brown. Afterwards, perhaps too unaware or too much of a moron to understand that more qualified and higher-ranking officers are usually the ones who engage in spinning the media, he took to his Twitter account to explain a particular incident, in which riot police fired tear gas into a residential back yard.

In the conversation, a Twitter user wanted to know why police would fire tear gas at people on their own property. Weston tells them it's because protesters were firing guns from their back yard. [...]

Daily RFT was in the back yard that was tear-gassed and caught the incident on video. No shots were ever fired by anybody in the back yard, and each person had their hands up in protest.

Whoops! Care to change your bullshit story, Officer Weston?

"I wasn't spreading misinformation," he said. "There were shots being fired [in] some yards, maybe not this particular one."

Weston then admitted that he wasn't in the group of police officers that was marching down the street and firing tear gas into yards. He said he was in the back closer to the command center, several blocks away.

Dude wasn’t even there. Dude was what soldiers in a war zone would call a REMF, or Rear Echelon Motherfucker. With guys like this lying about them, we can’t imagine why the people in Ferguson are still angry.

Weston also has some very enlightened views about Mike Brown and the rioters, whom he called "thugs," as well as Captain Ron Johnson, whom he accused of having "double standards," whatever that means. Trying to de-escalate the anger and chaos since the killing of Mike Brown by treating protesters like people, instead of assuming every single one of them is a "thug," seems like a single standard to us. But maybe Weston knows something we don't know. Which is why, in another tweet, he suggested he would like to punch Eric Holder in the nose, for some reason. (BLACK!)

As soon as a reporter for St. Louis alt-weekly Riverfront Times confronted him over all this, Weston deleted his Twitter account. We are always so inspired by a police officer who has the courage of his convictions.

Have fun on desk duty, Sergeant Slaughter.

[Riverfront Times]


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