Political Elite Tragically Snared In Traps Set For Poor

Mean Jean Schmidt and Stranglin' Don Sherwood aren't the only pols having trouble at the polls.

* Chelsea Clinton tried to vote along with her parents this morning, but she wasn't on the books. Bill threatened to take out the polling place with a cruise missile, but was reminded that he no longer has that authority. Hillary promised to "finish the job" in '08. Poor Chelsea had to fill out a provisional ballot. [New York Times]

* Missouri's secretary of state, Robin Carnahan, went to drop off her absentee ballot on Friday and was told she had to show a photo ID. And that's not true. Carnahan was finally allowed to vote when the election staffer recognized her as the sister of Congressman Russ Carnahan. [CNN Political Ticker]

* South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford was "turned away from a South Carolina polling place Tuesday because he forgot his voter registration card." [CNN]

* Britney Spears is divorcing Cleetus. A nation mourns. [TMZ]


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