Poll Finds Kris Kobach Narrowly Beating Coronavirus, But Losing To Democrat In Kansas Senate Race

Time for some Poll Porn, bow chicka bow bow! Now, don't get too excited — we are talking about Kansas here, so you know the GOP dude will be a godbothering freak show and the Democratic lady will have sensible, midwestern hair. Also the poll is from Public Policy Polling, a Democratic shop. But FiveThirtyEight gives PPP a "B" rating, and that's good enough for us, so TAKE IT ALL OFF BABY!

Actually, Kris Kobach can keep his clothes on forever, thankyouverymuch. And he might not want to quit his day job either, if the latest Senate polling is correct. (Does Kobach have a day job since that vote-rigging commission got disbanded and his legal insurance scam dried up?) Because PPP gives Democratic candidate Barbara Bollier a narrow, two-point lead over Kobach in this year's Senate contest. Which is, coincidentally, the same margin polls had for Democrat Laura Kelly over Kobach leading up Kansas's 2018 gubernatorial race, before she dick-kicked him 48 to 43.

In the PPP poll of 1,271 voters, about half approved of Donald Trump and preferred to vote for a Republican in November. But when asked, "If the candidates for US Senate this November were Democrat Barbara Bollier and Republican Kris Kobach, who would you vote for?" 44 percent chose Bollier, 42 percent went for Kobach, and 13 percent were undecided.

The survey went on to offer a two-sentence bio of each candidate. Bollier being a medical doctor made 49 percent of respondents more likely to vote for her, while Kobach's law degree and experience as Kansas's secretary of State only made 30 percent more likely to pull the lever for him. Possibly because Kansans remember his disastrous effort to defend the state's voter ID law in court, which earned him a contempt finding and a judicial order to attend remedial legal education. But the pollster didn't mention all that, because HELLO, PROFESSIONALS!

And yet, after the little blurb about each candidate's resume, support for Bollier jumped to 47 percent, and Kobach's declined to 42. Apparently alluding to Kobach's legal experience was a net negative for him — go know! — while 60 percent of respondents trusted an IRL doctor to make rational choices to get us out of this nightmare pandemic. Hence 50 percent think Bollier would do a good or excellent job handling the coronavirus response, compared to 34 percent for Kobach. (We wouldn't trust Kobach to handle his way out of a paper bag with a flashlight and a map, but we are not a Kansas voter.)

The problem for Republicans is that the party faithful love Kobach and his schtick about mythical hordes of undocumented immigrants voting all over the place, while the general population thinks he's a total jackass. Only 35 percent of respondents in this poll voted for Clinton in 2016, but Kobach can't break 45 percent. Which is why Mitch McConnell was desperate for Mike Pompeo to run when there was still a chance to stop that fucking idiot Kobach, who couldn't even spell his own name right on the candidate registration form. Yes, really. Martha McSally, Cory Gardner, and Susan Collins all look to be in serious trouble, and now Mitch has to defend a seat in blood red Kansas because that dipshit Kobach will not sit down and stop throwing races to the Democrats?


Oh, and PS, 76 percent of respondents agreed that enforcing Democratic Governor Laura Kelly's inclusion of church services on the statewide ban on mass gatherings to protect public health was more important than their right to assemble in holy fellowship. Because no one is buying the GOP's clown dance in Kansas and nationwide about Democrats using coronavirus as an excuse to persecute Christians. That dog won't hunt. Probably because it is trapped in the house with its terrified humans.

[PPP Kansas Senate Poll]

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