Poor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Just Could Not Stop All Those Women From Sexing Him

Poor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Just Could Not Stop All Those Women From Sexing Him

No, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.does not want to have sex with you, lady. He told you, he is not interested in putting his thingie in your hoo-ha, and then withdrawing it and then pushing it forward again, several times, until sperm comes out of it. He is not here to rub his penis on your face and body, maybe get a handful of muff. He does not want to hump your leg like a bad dog, bad bad dog. Oh, you said please? Well, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a well-brought-up fellow. He guesses he will do sex on you, since you asked.

Make us feel dirty, New York Post:

A copy of the 398 pages [of RFK Jr.'s SEX DIARY], reviewed by The Post, details RFK Jr.’s daily activities, speeches, political activism and the lives of his six children in the year 2001. But they also record the names of women — with numbers from 1 to 10 next to each entry.

The codes corresponded to sexual acts, with 10 meaning intercourse, [his late wife] Mary [who totally committed suicide because RFK Jr. was a total horndog just cold fuckin' everyone] told a confidant.

But whose fault was it really, RFK Jr.? Was it the women?

Kennedy holds back on any detailed description of his conquests and bizarrely portrays himself as a kind of victim. He uses the word “mugged” as shorthand for being seduced.

“I narrowly escaped being mugged by a double team of [two women]. It was tempting but I prayed and God gave me the strength to say no,” he writes on Feb. 6. A few days later, on Valentine’s Day, he gives his pregnant wife orchids, he notes.

On May 21, he writes about hosting dinner for Leonardo DiCaprio, driving the actor to the city and then meeting someone else in Manhattan. He notes he “got mugged on my way home,” recording a 10 with the name of a woman next to it.

“I’ve got to do better,” he adds.

Well, this is all very gross and sad and also gross and also makes us miss Bob Packwood. Now there was a man who could own it.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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