Pope Agrees That Obviously Evil Fracking Is Obviously Evil

Are you looking for another reason to love Pope Francis? Of course you are.

A few days ago, he turned the Sistine Chapel into some kind of a titty-sucking Peaches song, like a baller. Not long after, video emerged of the Pope straight up flipping the bird to our old friend Colorado wingnut state senator and fracking enthusiast Randy Baumgardner, and by that we mean speaking out against fracking.

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Eco Watch has posted new video of the Pope meeting with anti-fracking activists from his home country of Argentina. The meeting was in reference to the activists' upcoming film La Guerra del Fracking, which your high school Spanish might tell you is translated the Gorilla of Fracking but which Eco Watch informs us is more accurately called The Fracking War. You can watch the full film at this link (posted online because it's been banned in its native Argentina), but as of yet there are no subtitles, and based on your shoddy translation of the title, you probably shouldn't hold your breath. Here's the full Pope-terview below:

While we in the states might be familiar with fracking as the drilling technique that makes people's tap water catch on fire, apparently the greatest obstacle the film makers of The Fracking War faced was the fact that nobody in their interviews had any clue what "fracking" was. To quote the Eco Watch article:

When I was doing research for the film, every time I’d ask someone if they knew what fracking was they had no idea....[T]he government didn’t call it fracking, they called it "non conventional gas" so no one was making the link to what was happening in Argentina to what was happening America.

"Non-conventional gas" is right up there with "clean coal" and "credit default swap" as an evil thing made to sound less evil by making it sound as boring as possible.

As of this posting no Republican has reacted to this betrayal by Il Papa, but we imagine it's only a matter of time. We can only hope one of them will do something stupid like compare him to Hitler, or something more petty like insult the Pope's mom, which will end about as well as you think:

“One cannot react violently, but if [someone] says something bad about my mother, he can expect a punch. It’s to be expected."

Have we mentioned that we love the Pope?

[Eco Watch]


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