Portland Ice Cream Parlor Sells 'Bortion-Flavored Ice Cream To Benefit Planned Parenthood

Portland Ice Cream Parlor Sells 'Bortion-Flavored Ice Cream To Benefit Planned Parenthood

The Daily Calleradvises us today that a Portland, Oregon, ice cream parlor offended the sensibilities of all good pearl-clutching citizens Thursday by holding a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, and it even "created a new flavor of the frozen treat to mark the occasion." Oh no! Now even ice cream has lost its innocence!

The parlor, What’s the Scoop, donated 10% of all sales during a three-hour window to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, Planned Parenthood’s political arm, and featured the “exclusive, limited-edition ROSE CITY REVOLUTION flavor,” according to PPAO’s Facebook page. Rose City is one of Portland, Oregon’s nicknames.

That seems pretty mild, really. No Fetus Crunch? No Devil's Food & Chocolate D&C? Not even a George Tiller Chiller? Seems pretty wimpy to us. But no matter. Whatever the flavor, it's the amniotic fluid on top that gives it that special kick.

Daily Caller didn't seem particularly impressed by What’s the Scoop's description of its frequent fundraisers:

“we fully believe doing ‘good’ will help us do well. We call this idea the ‘Virtuous Scoop.’ … Our customers and our vendors are our partners in this venture, creating a wonderful circle which makes the world a better place…one scoop at a time.”

In fact, while they don't comment on it, we get the distinct impression that they were not quoting the ice cream shop's website approvingly.

UPDATE: We have been reminded that abortions account for only 3% of Planned Parenthood's services, which makes the focus of this piece rather misleading. Wonkett regrets the error, and recommends you try the Pap-Smear 'n' Cream.

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