Former US Attorney Preet Bharara, whom Donald Trump fired for probably criminal reasons, went on the Ari Melber MSNBC program on Tuesday afternoon -- he's promoting a new book, which looks great -- and he shed some light on a subject that's come up time to time over the past couple of years, and it is Deep Staters (we kid! not really!) like himself talking about taping Donald Trump. In the process, he made some news, and it is that, just before Trump fired him for probably criminal reasons, he thought about taping Donald Trump. And why? Because FUCKER LIES. Therefore it might be a good idea to memorialize one's conversations with the shithole human being, just in case fucker decides to lie in public about a conversation you had with him.

Makes enough sense, right?

Bharara recounted how Trump originally asked him during the transition to stay on at the Southern District of New York -- which was in itself odd, as he was an Obama appointee -- and then it got weird when Trump started calling him. And Bharara was the only US attorney Trump was calling. And then it got super weird when Trump called him after the inauguration, outside normal protocols. And so Bharara revealed that he considered taping Trump, if he were to return the weird phone call he got in March, you know, just in case Trump did something weird and/or criminal and proceeded to lie about it. Bharara and his people decided not to return the phone call, and soon after Bharara was fired.

Here's the interview, all of which is good, but the part about doing WIRE TAPPS to Trump's bottom starts a few minutes in:

US Atty: I Considered Taping Trump, DOJ Was Right To Consider It | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Of course they considered taping Trump. Wouldn't any sane and rational human being?

This jumped out at us, because of how it's becoming pretty common to learn about public officials thinking about taping Trump. A couple examples:

  • Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who in some way brought up the idea of taping Trump in the days after James Comey was fired in order to obstruct the Russia investigation. Rosenstein has pushed back on that reporting, but Andrew McCabe says yeah, that conversation happened, and it was not a joke. We always felt the New York Times was getting the framing of that story a bit off, as it read like "look at this crazy, emotional man, talking about taping the president!" when maybe it should have read more like "Guys, this is how bad it is. Normal public servants are considering taping the president, because of how fucker lies."
  • Former FBI Director James Comey, who kept detailed and real-time memos of every single interaction he had with Trump, because every bit of every single contact he had with Trump was so mindfuckingly inappropriate. Oh yeah, and remember how Trump baselessly rage-tweeted that he, himself, had tapes of his conversations wtih Comey? Which led Comey to tell Congress that "LORDY I HOPE THERE ARE TAPES," because of how Trump lies?

And then there are the folks from Trump's own world who either taped him, or instituted other safeguards to memorialize their conversations. We aren't so naive as to think Michael Cohen's motivations were pure of heart when he taped Trump, but he did it just the same. The one that strikes us more is that it is well known that historically, when dealing with Donald Trump, the absolutely worst legal client in human history, two lawyers would make a point of meeting with him together, because fucker lies, even to his own lawyers.

Is it weird that this many people have talked about surreptitiously taping the president of the United States? Sure, you bet! Does this reflect poorly on them? Hahaha nope, and you know why? Because the "president," at least for the moment, is a known pathological liar with possible mental illness named Donald Trump. So yeah, in that scenario, people who love America would absolutely consider taping Donald Trump.

Somebody might have even gone through with it. UH OH! Lordy we hope there are some tapes!

Watch that whole interview above. Preet Bharara is fuckin' cool.

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